Redemption …or… Challenge (half-ass-ed-ly) Accepted. I Couldn’t Decide on a Title.

I’m obviously a bit more of a drive-by blogger than I am a marathoner… but… last December I attempted to blog every day for the 31 days of December.  I think that I only made it to day 13. I obviously like blogging just like I enjoy my vodka… in sporadic, yet rather large doses.

I’m going to give myself a chance at redemption, but seeing as how it is technically 1:21am on December 2nd… I have kind of already failed.  ha ha ha… Oh well… maybe I’ll aim for just blogging for 14 days and beat last year’s record.  Challenge (half-ass-ed-ly) accepted.

I’m winding down my 2016 wedding season this coming Saturday with my very last wedding before I fall into a deep dark slumber for the rest of December.  Yeah right…   who am I kidding… I have three young boys… slumber is never part of the equation.  I will; however, try my best to detach from the cyber world and get in a few more movie nights, a lot more cuddles, and be able to see pure joy on the boys’ faces almost every morning of this magical month.

This morning we introduced two new Elf of the Shelf’s to the boys.  Finding the correct way to make “Elf on the Shelf” plural was very difficult for me just now.  Elves on the Shelf?  Elves on the Shelves?  These stupid, fucking elves seriously ruin my life.  ha ha ha!

Our original Elf apparently decided that zone defense wasn’t good enough and he needed to bring in some reinforcements.  Since we didn’t get “newborn elves” the two brothers of Hiko, our original elf, already had names when they arrived.  Coincidentally enough, the elf’s names all start with the same letters as our boy’s names… funny how that happened.  So, of course, a hashtag needed to be created… because, well, because of millennials and their damn need for hash tagging everything… and because it’s just freaking fun.  So, we’re #HGBforLIFE – ing over here on #loveonlarkspur.  Gawd, that’s annoying.  It’s bad when I’m annoying myself on my own blog.

Anyway… the elf’s names are Hiko, Gilly, and Booger.  Us parents pronounced it Boo-ger, and thought the kids would get a kick out of the funny name… but the immature parents we are were disappointed when we heard Hudson pronounce his name “Boo-jurr”… which is obviously the Cajun pronunciation of his name and we quickly learned that Boo-jurr must have come from a seasonal job in Louisiana before heading to his forever home here in Nevada.  Now we know.

Our elves are of Japanese decent, a cowboy, and a Crawfish eatin’ Cajun.  Just call us diverse.

Happy December, Everyone!


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