Las Vegas Engagement Photos :: Olivia & Brad

Blogging is hard.  I know that sound so pretentious, and shallow, and ridiculously diva.  Blogging itself isn’t hard, but finding the time to blog on top of everything else going on is REALLY hard.

‘They’ always say though… if you want something to happen bad enough, you will make it happen.  Here I am, trying to make it happen.  The truth is, I looooove to design blogs.  Seeing the weddings I photograph laid out as beautifully as I see them when I’m photographing them is the cream of the reward crop for me.  Dare I say it that I like the design side of weddings far more than I actually like photographing them?  Yes, I dare.  I just said it; however, the time commitment that comes along with blogging always deters me because I could always start editing the next wedding, get my website updated, hash out the next month of timelines, respond to more emails, organize client gifts… or, heaven forbid… sleep a little bit!!  The next task sucks me in before I take a second to breathe and do something that I enjoy the most.

On top of all of this, there is this overwhelming feeling that if I start blogging more, then I have to blog EVERYTHING because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if their shoot or wedding isn’t blogged… but this just compounds the anxiety of feeling like I have to pick up where I left off rather than just blog something when I find a small window of time.

Bloggers are better at this.  They schedule these things out.  Blogging becomes part of their everyday rather than an afterthought when they want to fill their time with something.

Someday I’ll get better at it, but for now, I’m just going to allow myself a bit of grace, and focus on just showing you guys some pretty photographs of pretty people doing pretty thing!

These photos are from an engagement shoot that I did with Olivia and Brad just a couple of months ago!  Brad and Olivia are so much fun, but they can also slice my camera with their insanely gorgeous stares and beautiful smiles.  I’m so so so stoked to photograph their wedding next September, and can’t imagine how gorgeous Olivia is going to look as a bride!!!

lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0001 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0002 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0003 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0004 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0005 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0006 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0007 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0008 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0011lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0009 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0010 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0012 lasvegasengagementphotos_oliviabrad_0013

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  1. jenny says:

    This is gorgeous. Do you know where she got her dress. What a perfect engagement shoot dress and style! Love it all!


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