Las Vegas Engagement Photos :: Liv & Jace

Last year one of my favorite posts was about all of the upcoming couples that I had for the year.  It’s not surprising that I don’t have my shit together enough to have that blog post ready, but I figured that I should start to introduce you to all of the lovely faces that are coming up in the J. Anne roster this Spring!!

Meet Olivia & Jace.  If you follow me on Instagram (@j_annephotography… shameless plug) then you have already seen so many of their engagement photos because I simply can not stop posting them.  Now that you’re seeing how amazing their engagement shoot was; I’m sure you completely understand my urge to over-post.

Jace and Olivia both used to work at a hotel resort here in Henderson… yet, they were on opposite shifts, so they had never met one another.  Co-workers who knew both of them kept urging the two of them to get together; however, since Liv had never met Jace she constantly shrugged off the suggestions from her coworkers seek Jace out.  Luckily, Jace was more persistent.

After about a month of hearing about this beautiful girl he had to meet, Jace received the opportunity to switch his shift.  The change in schedule would allow for his shift to overlap with Liv’s by one hour.  He *jumped * at the opportunity.  And, by jump, I mean… he got a haircut, had his suit pressed and shined his shoes for his first day of work with Liv.  He felt fresh and ready to make a great first impression.  An impression that didn’t happen that day.

Jace didn’t meet Olivia that day because when he got to work that day he learned that Olivia had been given an early out.  She was already gone by the time  he showed up that day.  Never one to give up, Jace persisted in his efforts, which proved to bode well for the two of them.

Jace and Olivia finally did meet at work, and quickly planned to take a hike together with a coffee date following the hike.  The coffee date lasted 3 hours.  The most important three hours of their lives.













Charleston Wedding Photographer :: Paige & Colby

I have never once shot in the rain.  Perks of being a wedding photographer in Las Vegas, I guess, but as the story goes… rain on your wedding day means good luck in your marriage, right?  I seem to think that I have to agree with this old sentiment seeing as how even the rain couldn’t stop this insanely gorgeous wedding in Charleston, South Carolina from looking like something out of a dream.

Paige & Colby’s wintery Charleston wedding began with wet grass and cloudy skies, but nothing could dampen the excitement that circled in the air.  Paige grew up near Charleston in Hilton Head, South Carolina while Colby grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Most of their friends and family are scattered across the United States, so they all descended upon Charleston ready to celebrate!  Paige and Colby dressed for the day just a few yards away from one another at the Renaissance Hotel.  If they had both looked out the window at just the right moment, they would have been able to waive hello.  In fact, they were so close that their two year old ring bearer and flower girl, who happened to be twins, delivered wedding gifts to each other down the hall.  Emotions flowed freely as tears rushed to both Colby & Paige’s eyes as they read the words that each had written for them on their wedding day… and the tears never stopped throughout the day.CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0001





















CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0023Paige chose not to let Colby see her before the wedding, but she did want to steal a moment to talk to her groom before she walked down the aisle.  We rushed to make this happen just moments before everyone took their places in the church, and it turned out so fantastic to see the elation on both of the faces from different angles.  Nobody will ever know what they whispered over each other’s shoulders that afternoon, but I’m pretty sure that those words were the beginning of their forever.




5N5A9610It was the right call for Colby to not see Paige before the ceremony because when they opened the big grand doors of the chapel, Colby melted into a puddle of tears.  As they said their vows to one another they wiped away each other’s tears and smiled from ear to ear as they absorbed the gravity of the day.





CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0032The next couple of hours felt like I was in a dream.  The Unitarian Church is surrounded by an old cemetery which made for the most unique and intimate location to take wedding photographs!





CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0037Next, we hopped a trolley to shoot around Charleston for a while before heading to the reception venue at Boone Hall.  Shooting in Charleston for a photographer is almost too much stimulation.  Every angle.  Every turn.  Everywhere you look is literally photo-worthy.  It was difficult to decide what to shoot… but… we managed.  ;)





CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0041Of all of the gorgeous moments that have led up to this moment… I have to argue that the photo below is the most prized photo of the day.  Paige and Colby are both so family oriented, and they made sure that their families were represented in so many amazing ways during their wedding.  The photo of them with each of their parents below shows exactly where they came from, and the legacy that they are all building with one another.


CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0054So. This. Happened.                                           I don’t know what else to say.






CharlestonWeddingPhotography_Paige&Colby_0053I know that I use a lot of absolutes in my writing.  I talk about how gorgeous things are, or how something is the most beautiful… but the photo below is really one of the best moments that I have ever experienced at a wedding.  And I’m just the photographer.  I can’t imagine how this felt for Paige and Colby.  At the end of the night, the new husband and wife asked for just a moment of alone time.  They danced in one another’s arms without anyone else present.  They cried with one another as they kissed.  They held onto one another and swayed back and forth.  They laughed and danced as happy as they will likely be for the rest of their lives.  It was the most love I have ever felt in a room with only two people… three if you include me, but I shot this from pretty far away and acted as much like a fly on the wall as possible.  It was truly magic, and this might very well be my favorite photo that I have ever taken.



Paige and Colby.  I learn the most about my couples on their wedding day.  I get to meet their friends and family, and I get to observe everything from an outside point of view.  I get to see the emotions and laughter that everyone shares.  If a marriage is ever going to be weighed solely on the amount of love felt on a wedding day, then you guys are in for a lifetime of wonderful moments together.  You are both truly kind and endearing people, and you obviously are that way because of your friends and family.  I felt like I was walking in a beautiful dream at your wedding.  Thank you so much for trusting me to be there with you, and for letting me be a part of your memories.  xo.  Jodi


Day 15 – 21 of 31 :: No Apologies & A Thought on Parenting

Hello living world, again.

I’m back.  Literally, but actually figuratively, I died for a week.  I was sick to my bones, and my blood was slowly oozing through my veins carrying more antibiotics than plasma.  But, bright side… I lost 12 pounds.  And, let’s be honest, I’d do it all over again for another 12.

I’m not going to waste your time with talking about my apologies for falling off of my blog challenge.  I’m not sorry.  Life happened.  I blogged for 14 days straight, which is better than I have ever done, and I’m cool with that.  I’m picking up and carrying on.

Talking about carrying on… let’s discuss parenting… and when it carries on beyond the four walls of our homes.  If you don’t know me well, it should probably be mentioned at this point that I love my children as fiercely as the next set of parents, but I have very little patience for disrespect and bad behavior… as do all of us.  If you want to read more about my thoughts on this… please check out this blog.  Carrying on…

Today we were at #loveonlarkspur checking out the progress of the remodel; which is a daily event for us.  When I mentioned that it was time to leave, Brodrick… my dear youngest boy with his aggressive and feisty spirit… turned to me in our construction site of a living room with a look of disgust on his face and yelled at me in a disgusting, disrespectful tone.  I actually can’t even remember what he was yelling about because the fire that boiled in my core rendered all of my other senses useless.  Four contractors stood around to hear his disrespect… which only added salt to my wounds, but didn’t change my approach to the situation at all.

As Brody’s disrespect poured from his mouth, the scathing bubbled over inside of mine.  My hand catapulted from my jacket pocket and around his tiny arm, quickly and efficiently bringing him to his ass against a wall.  I squatted before him, shot my hand underneath his chin to bring his eyes to mine.  In a very stern and angry voice, I told him all of the parenting things I’m supposed to say…  And then… only then… did his world collapse.  Because that silly, silly boy decided to talk back.

From there his walk-in-the-park scolding turned into what I will only call child-hell.  The wrath of a mother’s verbal beat-down, coupled with his arms being held in front of him, and a full-length timeout without him being able to move a muscle.  This is his torture.  The tears streamed down his beet red face in misery.

The thing is, we weren’t alone for this timeout.  We weren’t confined inside of the four walls of our private home, and I could feel the stares of the other adults in the room.  None of them said a word, but I knew that it made them uncomfortable to watch a little boy be held captive in punishment for 3 full minutes.

But you know what… I’d rather make other people feel uncomfortable for a few minutes than worry that my children will grow up to be assholes who waste their tax dollars because they turn into disrespectful juvenile delinquents that were never raised to respect adults or authority figures.

End rant.

Because… honestly… how could these little angels ever be anything but cherubs who grace this world with perfection?


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