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Day 12 of 31 :: Holy Shit.

Holy shit.  I completely forgot about blogging today!  After 12 days you might think that it is a habit by now, but no.  My brain continues to buck against the notion of blogging regularly.  In my defense… blogging on the weekends should be illegal.

I learned three new things today from my shoot with Mario & Beana (and baby boy Revelles!)

  1.  Mario seems to think that I would be a good phone sex operator or something… because he said that I talk dirty.  And he’s right.  My calling was obviously missed.  I think that I have talked ad nauseam about the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth when I’m shooting in order to get my clients to a place of genuine emotion; however, I’m not sure that I have ever let the Internet know that I also cuss like a sailor… possibly moan when I find the perfect gorgeous light… and sound like a hyena in heat when magical photos happen.  So yeah… if I could channel all of that into phone sex operator dirty talk… then I’ll likely be the best damn dirty talker the world has ever known.  Sadly, this profession would crack me up so violently that I would simply erupt with laughter anytime I was supposed to be seductive.
  2. Shoots are dangerous.  If one doesn’t emerge from the shoot with at least some bruises, small scrapes, or even blood… then it shouldn’t be considered a successful photo shoot.   During a shoot I find myself hyped up a bit.  Okay, I’m hyped like a kid on Christmas who found 3 energy drinks in her stocking.  My blinders are on, and I’m jonesing.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I come home and find bruises, cuts and scrapes all over my body just like I used to in college after a night of drinking… or like I do now after I attempt to cook dinner.  Today, we were traversing through some really sharp, broken sticks and shrubbery… I had on booties that are open around the buckles, so when I got home and took off my shoes my ankles looked like something that belonged on Grays Anatomy.  Which means… successful photo shoot.  Boom.LasVegasMaternityPhotographer_0001
  3. The one thing that I enjoy more than seeing my couples get married on their wedding day… is seeing them become parents.

Beana & Mario — I believe in you.  I believe that you are going to be phenomenal parents, and that you are going to find a love that you have never known before.  I joke often about my boys, and their rowdy ways, but it is no secret that becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I wish you nothing but love, laughter, and a sleepy baby.  ;)  I absolutely can not wait to meet your baby boy, and watch you become a family of three.  

HAIR & MAKEUP — Your Beauty Call

Las Vegas Boudoir Photography

A few months ago I was able to shoot something new.  Something that I have never done before.  I had three gorgeous women ask me for boudoir photos all within the same month.  It was something that I have been wanting to do, but didn’t really know how to put it out there.  It might sound a little weird to coax your friends into getting almost naked for you… as a favor, nonetheless.

One of my brides contacted me and wanted to create an album for her groom’s gift the night of their wedding, and I was more than excited to oblige!  Then in the coming weeks two other dear friends/clients contacted me about creating albums for their husbands… one as an anniversary gift, and one just because… all three of them were nervous.  And so was I.  Champagne might have been heavily involved in the creation of these images.
Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer_0001

I am a firm believer that the sexiest and most beautiful parts of a woman’s body are the small delicacies that lie in the everyday things.  Beautiful strands of hair.  Collar bones.  The way the curves of her body in the sunlight can create warmth in a room.  And the way she can swipe her hair behind her ear in a quick and natural way… without even realizing how gorgeous she actually is.

Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer_0004

Shooting these images with my clients in my home gave me the courage to start asking my brides to do a teeny tiny moment of bridal boudoir right before they slipped on their dresses, and those photos have turned out to be a wonderful surprise gift to their new husbands while on their honeymoon.

The thing that I love the most about boudoir photography is seeing the transformation in a woman’s spirit, and the confidence in her body.  The shoot inevitably starts out with nerves from both of us, but ends with gorgeous images of a woman who is in love with herself and crazy excited to be doing something so amazing.
Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer_0003

** Please note that I had DIRECT consent from my clients to share these specific images on the internet.  The privacy of these images is of the utmost importance, and I would never jeopardize my client’s trust.

Family By J. Anne Photography

If there ever was a day that I thought that I wouldn’t see, it would be today.  Even from the first moment that I started really getting interested in photography I knew that it was weddings that I wanted to shoot.  But, I started with families.  I practiced on families.  I learned my gear with families.  And when I felt like I was good enough to chase a two year old around and still get crisp images; I felt like I was prepared to shoot a wedding.  Boy, was I ever wrong, but that is a whole other topic for a completely different post.

But here’s the thing.  I hated shooting families.  Despised it.  But what I didn’t realize then was that I was going about it all wrong.  I let it be stressful.  I let the Mom’s be puppeteers.  I let the Dad’s be cranky.  I forced smiles, and I bribed kids with candy.  I yearned for that perfect photo with everyone smiling for the holiday card, because… quite frankly… I was scared of the Mom.

While doing wedding photography for a few years now, I have learned so so so much about shooting… about myself… about the type of photography I like to create, and most importantly… how to create it.

So, why am I surprised?  Why am I surprised that I’m getting the itch to go back to where I started?

Let me be straight to all of my hyperventilating brides.  I am NOT leaving wedding photography.  Wedding photography fulfills my soul.  It is part of me.

But, I do what to dive back into family photography.  But I want to do it my way.  The fun way.  The… let’s-just-hang-out-and-take-pretty-photos… way.  The… let’s-take-photos-of-memories-being-made-not-smiles… way.  I want to capture the essence of a family.  The way they cling to one another.  The way they knew each other’s inside jokes.  The romance of a family.

So, I have created a sister-website… if you can handle the appropriateness of that pun… to the j. anne photography brand.




No, it is not a mini session.  It is a full one-to-two hour session with the rights to the digital images for $500, which is an $850 value.  This deal will only be valid from October 15, 2014 through November 15, 2014.

But wait… there’s more… (ha ha ha… totally an “AS SEEN ON TV” line right there)…

I’m going to give away one free session.  Here’s what you have to do… INSTAGRAM THE PHOTO ABOVE.  In your caption, you must tag three of your local Las Vegas friends who might enjoy this offer, type in the comment “I want a free family session!!” AND hashtag (#j_annefamily).  A drawing will be held one week from today for the free session!!

Happy hashtagging!!!