2017 Family Photo Schedule Announcement

I can’t even believe that I’m writing these words… and that the fall season is almost upon us… and that it’s already freaking AUGUST!!!  I’m pretty sure my bank account hasn’t recovered from Christmas yet, so let’s all start hyperventilating together, yes?  As if, the busy-ness of the fall season isn’t enough, I’m going to be the jerk who also throws in the idea of family photos too!!  Please hold onto those rotten tomatoes that I can already sense are being imaginarily tossed at your computer screen, because as always… we aim to make family photos a fun time of year… and if they aren’t fun, then we’ll at least aim to be drunk in order to get through them, okay??!!  Deal.  ;)

If you booked a session with me in years past, then you already know the drill… and not much has changed, but if you’re a newbie to J. Anne Photography, then welcome to The Dance, and keep on reading to find out how this process is going to work!

I am announcing the dates that I’m opening for family photos today, and the dates usually sell out relatively quickly.  The weekend dates will go first, and then the October dates will go next because we all want to push this thing out as far as possible!  So, in order to get a prime spot you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Email me  (jodi@j-annephotography) with your date of choice.  I won’t accept DM’s… text messages… Facebook messages or telegraphs.  This process gets crazy for me, and I’ve had to use email time stamps in order to determine who was the first to call dibs.  I will email you back as quickly as possible to let you know if the date is yours or if you need to re-select.  I will also keep this list on this blog updated with the dates that have already been taken and what is still available.
  2. After you get an email from me saying that your date is temporarily secure, I will send a contract and an invoice for the full session fee.  You’ll have 24 hours to sign and pay, or your date will go back out onto the black market for further bidding.  Your date is not fully secured until you have paid your invoice in full and you have signed the contract.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the shoot:

What time of day will the shoot be booked? 

I have added the tentative time to each listing; however, as we approach daylight savings the times might adjust a bit!  I’d suggest having hair and makeup done an hour ahead of the time that you actually need to be finished so that there is wiggle room!

What do I get with the session fee?

You will receive a one-hour photo session at the location of your choosing (with my approval), an online viewing gallery with cloud storage for up to ten years, and the rights to reproduce and distribute the images as you see fit.  You will not receive all of the images I take, as this would be insane and you definitely want me to throw out the ones of you screaming at your kids… so be prepared to see around 50-75 jpeg images in your gallery depending on how easily your kids or pets get with the ballgame.  ha ha ha!  The images are high resolution and will blow up to 30×40″… and if you need anything bigger then you can email me directly for even larger files.

Where will the shoot be located?

You get to choose where you’d like to shoot, but I help you in this process!!  Don’t forget that you could choose to use your home if it has pretty light!!  My Instagram feed is a great place to start looking for places I like to shoot… but I can always offer suggestions and help with wardrobe styling!

What should we wear?

I’m always here to help with styling, and I usually give almost everyone advice on how to coordinate without matching and what will look best in a photograph.  I tend to enjoy neutral colors that will go with any room in your home if you wanted to get a large print or canvas made, and I also like to keep the season neutral, as well!  I want you to love these photos year round, so if you want an Ugly Christmas Sweater themed canvas in your living room all year then rock on with it!  ha ha ha!  In short, don’t hesitate to send me an email to help with styling!!

How long will it take to get our photos back?

Girrrrl.  Your guess is as good as mine.  ha ha ha!  No, just joking, kind of.  My schedule seems to get busier and busier every year, and every year I tell myself that I’m going to be better at managing it… but it’s been a rough year so far, and I’d be lying if I said that I kept up with a good editing schedule in the Spring.  So, with that being said, I’ll do my best to have them back to you in about 2 weeks…. but for sure before the end of November.  ha ha ha… just kidding, again! ;)


Okay, without further ado… here is the schedule… get crackin’ !!


Saturday, September 2 • 4pm • $700  BOOKED!

Saturday, September 2 • 6pm • $700 BOOKED!

Monday, September 4 • 5pm • $550 BOOKED!

Wednesday, September 6 • 5pm • $550 BOOKED!

Friday, September 8 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Saturday, September 9 • 4pm • $700    BOOKED!

Saturday, September 9 • 6pm • $700   BOOKED!

Monday, September 11 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Wednesday, September 13 • 5pm • $550    BOOKED!

Monday, September 25 • 5pm • $550  BOOKED!

Wednesday, September 27 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Thursday, October 5 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Monday, October 9 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Wednesday, October 11 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Thursday, October 19 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Monday, October 23 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED!

Wednesday, October 25 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED! 

Friday, October 27 • 5pm • $550   BOOKED! 

Saturday, October 28 • 2:30pm • $700  BOOKED!

Saturday, October 28 • 4:30pm • $700   BOOKED!

Wednesday, November 1 • 4pm • $550   BOOKED!

Friday, November 3 • 4pm • $550   BOOKED!

Wednesday, November 8 • 4pm • $550   BOOKED!

Friday, November 10 • 4pm • $550   BOOKED!

Saturday, November 11 • 1pm • $700   BOOKED!

Saturday, November 11 • 3pm • $700    BOOKED!


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