Las Vegas Engagement Photos :: Ashley & Blake

It would be fun to say that these two are high school sweethearts, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate.  It wouldn’t be at all accurate, actually!  Ashley and Blake did go to high school together, but they didn’t even knew that each other existed during those four years of roaming the locker-filled hallways.  Blake was the quintessential all-american guy who loved football and parties, while Ashley fell more on the other end of the spectrum as an honor student, and self-professed homebody.

It wasn’t until many years later when Ashley was close to graduating college that her path would cross with this man who was her polar opposite… or so they thought.  It turned out that Ashley and Blake had more in common than they had ever known when Ashley tested to become a police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department… which happened to be the exact place that Blake had already earned a spot on the police force.

After Ashley had tested, she heard that another officer had apparently gone to her same high school, so she looked him up on Facebook to see if he could get her the inside scoop on her results with the police department.  To her dismay, Blake didn’t have any strings to pull in order to find out her test scores… but it wouldn’t take long before Blake thought he should start pulling some strings of his own in order to get Ashley to agree to a date with him.

Blake had hung out with Ashley a few times, and there seemed to be a common attraction, but she wouldn’t agree to go out with him.  She kept tossing road blocks like her career, her family, and that dating wasn’t what was important to her at the moment… and she also kept throwing punches each time that Blake tried to make a move!!  After getting to know Ashley a bit more he really started to understand just how important her family really was to her.   He knew after getting his jaw knocked around a couple of times that he wasn’t just going to be able to make a move on Ashley… so, he made a move around her.

Blake smartened up and began to hang out with her family.  It didn’t take long for Ashley’s Dad to really see the kind of feelings that Blake had for his daughter, so he pulled Ashley aside and gave it to her straight.  Ashley’s dad said to her… ‘Look.  I can tell this kid likes you.  Either date him, or stop bringing him around because you’re just leading him on.’   From that very second that her Dad gave his blessing, Ashley started dating Blake.

Since we all know what happened from there… I think that their engagement photos should be filed under “Daddy Knows Best.”

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  1. Love these images, the lighting is so perfect.


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