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Never One to Discriminate

When I was debating whether or not to launch my tagline and hashtag “Turning Hoes into Housewives since 2010” (#turninghoesintohousewives) I knew that it would be very polarizing for my business.  I new that it would turn a lot of people AWAY from me and I would lose the opportunity to shoot their wedding.  It was HARD to think that I would lose out on business just because I was choosing to align myself with something that is meant to be a silly nod to my love of gangster rap and my adoration for Dr. Dre and Snoop who I like to think are very large branches in my family tree… or my long lost cousins, in the least!  ha ha ha!

However, what I also knew was that there are two sides of polarization, and while my tagline/hashtag would very easily push people away from using me as their wedding photographer, it would also create a pocket of wonderful clients just waiting to get the chance to be in front of my camera.  Those clients ‘get me’ before they ever even send that first email.  They know that a photography session with me is going to be the opposite of serious, and that a day spent in front of my camera can be a fun experience rather than a chore.  I can happily say that the clients that fit into this J. Anne sweet spot are the epicenter to my business.  They are the heartbeat that keeps J. Anne alive.  They are my people, and I will forever be as loyal to them as they are to me.

But…. with that being said… I am afraid that for the last two years I have been doing something that is NOT fair to my clients.  I have discriminated against my grooms and left them out of all of the fun.  I have focused solely on ‘Hoes before Bros’ instead of excepting the idea of equality in my business relationships.

That ends today.

In light of what is going on with the world in regards to women’s rights, marriage equality, and all of the forms of the civil rights movement…. I bring you J. Anne’s attempt to level the playing field.  My brides will no longer only be the ones receiving the hashtag congratulating them on their graduation from turning from hoe to housewife… my grooms will also be breaking the glass ceiling and being lifted into the highest regard by being bestowed the amazing honor and privilege of being dubbed…. no longer a Boyfriend… but, upon their marriage, a respected and highly distinguished…. Baby Daddy.

From this day forward, let it be known that J. Anne is taking steps towards bride and groom equality.   #TurningHoesIntoHousewives will no longer be the sole focus of my business as my quest to be #TurningBoyfriendsIntoBabyDaddies will be equally sought after.

(Note to Readers):  Please read this blog with a shit ton of humor.  Please don’t take me or this post too seriously.  My intentions are not to degrade men, women, or the institution of marriage.  My intent is simply to have fun.  If you find the need to write a snarky comment, have pause… and while you’re paused… unfollow me.  It’s okay if this offends you.  I won’t be upset.  We don’t have to be friends… although I’d love it if we could be.  xo.  Jodi)

Let’s Do Work, 2017.

I hope that everyone will forgive me for this post being about 28 days late.  The beginning of 2017 started off in a crazy frenzy with Kris and Jessica Bryant’s wedding, so it has taken me a little bit of time to recover and start getting my head on straight for what is about to explode in 2017.  The last few days in my office I have been wrapping up the edit on Kris and Jessica’s wedding, editing Ashley & Jake and Sarah & Matt’s engagement sessions that happened earlier this year, and giving my yearly planner a run for its money as 2017 gets penciled in faster than I could have ever expected!

This coming year I have something BIG happening with the addition of a new photographer to my business.  I haven’t given a formal shout out to Lianna yet, but it is definitely coming!  Lianna spent most of 2016 training with me, and will now be cranking out a full year of weddings on her own for the J. Anne Photography brand.  On top of Lianna being added to the mix, I’ll be shooting my normal 15-20 weddings this year with my trusty side-kick, Janelle, by my side.  Add to that all of the engagement photos, boudoir sessions, and the fact that my three boys are involved in more activities than ever now that they’re getting a bit older…. I imagine that 2016 is going to look like child’s play in regards to the scheduling that is happening for 2017, but I’m ready.

We’re traveling to Santa Barbara twice this year for what are sure to be some amazing weddings, and I will also be hopping  the pond to Paris and down into the South of France later this Spring.  This summer I’ll be heading to San Francisco to shoot at San Francisco City Hall for the first time and I could not be any more thrilled to check that adventure off of my bucket list!!

There are still a large handful of couples who haven’t done their engagement session yet (Ashley & Blake, Jen & James, Jackie & Tony, Halee & Heath, Heather & Nick, Archana & Diego, and Jeanne & Kyle!!)… but of the engagement sessions that have wrapped you guys can see that it’s going to be yet another year of insanely gorgeous people making my Instagram feed look far better than I could ever manage to do on my own!

On the left is Sarah & Matt!  They’re going to knock my socks off with a white on white on white wedding at the International Peace Education Center in April… on the right are Lindsay & Mark who will be married in October on the beautiful grounds of TPC Summerlin!

This adorable couple below are Cole & Alyssa who are also getting married in October, but they’re taking us on a little scenic tour up to the Paiute reservation for their gorgeous wedding!! 

Ashley & Jake are below on the left and they are the next wedding up on my docket for the year!!  Mandarin Oriental will host their black tie affair this coming March and I’m over the moon excited for them!  Ashley and Will are below on the right… and these two babes are taking us up the coast of California as they will be married at Bacara in Santa Barbara in July, and it will basically be everything that my dreams are made of!  Caitlyn & Scott are below on the left and they are seriously the sweetest two people you might ever meet.  They will be having a dreamy lavender wedding at Dragon Ridge this Spring while Olivia and Brad on the right are kicking it old school in September at the classic and amazing Las Vegas Country Club!! I seriously can not wait to see both of these babes walk down the aisle!

Last November Newfly Films came over and made a video for me to show to my ladies during Bridesgiving dinner… in that version of the video I cried like a little baby telling all of my 2016 brides how much they meant to me, and that my business would basically not survive without them… I wasn’t about to let that cry face make the internet, so I asked my guy Stefan over at Newfly to make me a new cut of the video because it  is just too much fun not to share some bits and pieces of my hoes!!

Soo…  let’s fucking do work, 2017!



Family Sessions Booking Now :: 2015

Hello friends!  Can it really be?  Can it really be that time of year again?  Well, maybe not quite yet, as I’m jumping the gun a little bit on starting to book family sessions.  But, here’s my beef with last year… it kicked my ass.  Plain and simple.  I scheduled shoots too late into the year… which November doesn’t really seem like it’s all that late… but when the holidays set in, those bitches don’t mess around.

So, I’m starting a bit early, which will hopefully allow me to sleep a little bit during this holiday season, and hopefully help you guys out a bit too!!  Unless you like the idea of standing in a never-ending line at the post office with 200 cards to mail out, all of which need to be weighed and stamped… which might require a bit of vodka to dip your candy canes into.  So… yeah… I’m hoping this suits all of us!

As you guys know, this is the ONLY TIME OF THE YEAR that I book family sessions.  So, if you’ve been chatting with me about doing a shoot… now is the time!!  Family sessions are going to be booked exactly like last year!  Your session will be $500 for one hour of shooting.  You’ll get a lot of fun, interactive and candid moments along with a few options of a full family photo for your holiday card.  You will have plenty of photos… likely around 50-70 images… that you will hopefully want to litter your walls with, as well as your holiday card.  We will shoot outdoors at the location of your choice, within the Las Vegas area.  Likely, those locations will include Spring Mountain Ranch, Wetlands, Floyd Lamb, Corn Creek, Dry Lake Beds, etc…. Whatever suits your fancy.  :)  I’d also love to have some adventurous families who wanna let me try some new locations around Lake Mead, and even some around the Colorado River area just past Hoover Dam.  Those locations will be reserved for the families whose Dad’s aren’t pissed about the idea of family photos.  Because… road trip.  ha ha ha!!

We will shoot in the evening hours, usually around 4 or 5pm… maybe even later just depending on what the sun looks like as we approach daylight savings and the location you have chosen (ie:Spring Mountain Ranch might even be 3pm since it’s so close to the mountains).

In order to book the date you have to contact me via email ( and let me know which date you want.  I will send over a contract and payment event.  In order to book the date, the session fee has to be paid in advance, in full, and is non-refundable.  However, I’m not a complete asshole.  If something comes up and you can’t make your shoot, I will likely NOT steal your money.  We can always work to reschedule.

5N5A2127 blogcopy

Alright, here are the dates that I have available… Last year they were swooped relatively quickly, but it’s not like they’re gonna be gone before the weekend or anything, so don’t stress.  :)

Here we go…

September 17th
September 18th
September 19th
September 20th
September 24th
September 25th
September 26th
September 27th

October 8th
October 9th
October 10th
October 11th
October 22nd
October 23rd
October 24th
October 25th

It’s August 11th, and I’m signing off with…

Happy Holidays!!