Hello! I'm Jodi, and this is your fair warning. My couples often become much more than clients. They come over for cocktails, we chat incessantly about their wedding details + design, and we end up finding ways to stay in each other's lives long after the wedding is over.  If you're up for that (and for stylish, romantic, sophisticated images, too), we're likely the right fit - I will have a vodka tonic waiting for you.

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I went to a meeting with some of the best branding geniuses I know yesterday.  The time I spend at Paper & Home is always so much fun, and Michael and Brooke just get me.  They really really get me.  When we are together it is usually because we are brainstorming something that we are both […]

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Whoa, I haven’t been on here in a cold minute.  Not a hot minute.  There’s nothing hot about the time I have been away from posting.  Things got really really really busy in May, and I can’t even lie to you… blogging simply fell by the wayside.  Shit hit the fan, and blogging bit the dust. […]

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My days are blending together.  I can’t keep track of when one is ending and when another is beginning, and the idea of sleep is beginning to elude me.  But, I’m really not complaining.  Please don’t think that I’m complaining.  Because I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish I drank coffee.  Or […]

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