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Whoa, I haven’t been on here in a cold minute.  Not a hot minute.  There’s nothing hot about the time I have been away from posting.  Things got really really really busy in May, and I can’t even lie to you… blogging simply fell by the wayside.  Shit hit the fan, and blogging bit the dust.

So, here we are, a cold minute later… and I’m blogging again.

While I was out on hiatus; I bought a new car.  Car being just a technical term to define the beast of a large SUV that I purchased to fit our brood, but the size of this machine wasn’t the selling point.  I purchased the car for the DVD player.  Yes, friends.  I traded in one large black SUV for another large black SUV just because of captain’s chairs and a DVD player.  My priorities are obviously in perfect order.

It might be a logical assumption that I am a progressive parent, and that my thoughts about the DVD player lay somewhere in the realm of, “We’ll use it on long trips, but the boys definitly don’t need it just to drive around town.”  But apparently, a progressive parent I am not, so that assumption would be wrong.

I will be using this DVD player to drive to Target… the grocery store… or simply the mailbox!!  I vow to never be the parent who says that the boys can’t watch Big Hero Six, Planes Fire and Rescue… or let’s be honest… whatever freakin’ movie they want to watch as long as it keeps them quiet.  Damage may be done to their psyches and/or fine motor skills; I’m okay with that.

I can now drive in peace, and all three of them are in three separate seats, so they can’t even touch each other while they watch movie after movie after movie… until their brains have fully deteriorated!!  It is parenthood bliss, and the creators of this machine should receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Others may be asking… why do you need DVD players when we have iPads?  For one… have you ever purchased three iPads?  I haven’t… I may be rollin’ on dubs, but I am not rolling in dough.  If you have purchased 3 iPads at one time, good for you.  This girl is always looking for a handout.

So, the next logical thought is… why can’t they SHARE an iPad… well, they could, but this would benefit me in zero ways.  To share an iPad is the equivalent to sharing a donut.  Nobody gets their way, and nobody is happy.  And that includes me because I have to hear the incessant screams of…. who is holding the iPad…. what movie are they watching… someone can’t hear the movie… someone wants to play Angry Birds instead of watch a movie… why does Hudson always get to hold it… why is Hudson the oldest… why does Brody get to pick the movie… Griffin wants Tinkerbell… Brody wants Mickey… Hudson is too cool for us… Brody slapped Griffin… Griffin is crying because Brody slapped him… Hudson won’t let us touch the iPad… Mommy pulled the car over and slapped all of us across the face… oh, wait… what… no, that never happened… my typing fingers just got carried away.

Crap… I just told you that whole long story, for no apparent reason because I’m supposed to be letting you know that you can hop over to Wedding Chicks today to see Britni and Brandon’s wedding feature… but there isn’t really a segue that will get me from our ‘DVD-Player on Wheels’ to a beautiful Mexican Chic summer wedding… So, here’s the link… go check it out!!5N5A8956

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