Gumption Genes

I went to a meeting with some of the best branding geniuses I know yesterday.  The time I spend at Paper & Home is always so much fun, and Michael and Brooke just get me.  They really really get me.  When we are together it is usually because we are brainstorming something that we are both wildly excited about, and today was no different… but yet, it was soooo different.  Today felt like I was jumping off into something new.  Something that has the ability to change the trajectory of my business.

At one point during our conversation I actually had to ask myself, and the rest of the table… “Is this going to offend my couples?  Hell, is this going to offend my Dad?”  Ha ha ha ha!!  What the hell is wrong with me!!??  I haven’t had to ask myself if this was going to embarrass my Dad since that one time he picked me up from juvenile hall when I was in high school… which is obviously a completely different story.

But…. seeing as how my Dad is the person who gave me my fair helping of gumption genes… I think he might be okay with this next step.

And if he’s not… then… um…. well…. I want to say that since I’m not living under his roof I don’t have to play by his rules… but let’s face it… a girl never stops playing by her dad’s rules.

Stay tuned…



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  1. Emily Crall says:

    Well, now I’m terribly curious. Like, are you changing your logo to include a penis? LOL.

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