Day 12 of 31 :: Holy Shit.

Holy shit.  I completely forgot about blogging today!  After 12 days you might think that it is a habit by now, but no.  My brain continues to buck against the notion of blogging regularly.  In my defense… blogging on the weekends should be illegal.

I learned three new things today from my shoot with Mario & Beana (and baby boy Revelles!)

  1.  Mario seems to think that I would be a good phone sex operator or something… because he said that I talk dirty.  And he’s right.  My calling was obviously missed.  I think that I have talked ad nauseam about the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth when I’m shooting in order to get my clients to a place of genuine emotion; however, I’m not sure that I have ever let the Internet know that I also cuss like a sailor… possibly moan when I find the perfect gorgeous light… and sound like a hyena in heat when magical photos happen.  So yeah… if I could channel all of that into phone sex operator dirty talk… then I’ll likely be the best damn dirty talker the world has ever known.  Sadly, this profession would crack me up so violently that I would simply erupt with laughter anytime I was supposed to be seductive.
  2. Shoots are dangerous.  If one doesn’t emerge from the shoot with at least some bruises, small scrapes, or even blood… then it shouldn’t be considered a successful photo shoot.   During a shoot I find myself hyped up a bit.  Okay, I’m hyped like a kid on Christmas who found 3 energy drinks in her stocking.  My blinders are on, and I’m jonesing.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I come home and find bruises, cuts and scrapes all over my body just like I used to in college after a night of drinking… or like I do now after I attempt to cook dinner.  Today, we were traversing through some really sharp, broken sticks and shrubbery… I had on booties that are open around the buckles, so when I got home and took off my shoes my ankles looked like something that belonged on Grays Anatomy.  Which means… successful photo shoot.  Boom.LasVegasMaternityPhotographer_0001
  3. The one thing that I enjoy more than seeing my couples get married on their wedding day… is seeing them become parents.

Beana & Mario — I believe in you.  I believe that you are going to be phenomenal parents, and that you are going to find a love that you have never known before.  I joke often about my boys, and their rowdy ways, but it is no secret that becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I wish you nothing but love, laughter, and a sleepy baby.  ;)  I absolutely can not wait to meet your baby boy, and watch you become a family of three.  

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  1. Kristy says:

    Superb! I’m often enauisitsthc by each and every single article you write, the level of text which might be really omitted these days… and should be valued. Thanks for revealing with us.

  2. and done.just one question for you though. u mentioned how your proffesor said to not do those things and u did just that–did you ever regretting marrying? having kids? throwing away your youth and sacrificing for others? do you look back on your life now and wished you could have lived for yourself, unmarried, childless, free as a bird? if you could choose again, would you listen to your prof?


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