Day 11 of 31 :: Happy Birthday, Mom!!

When I started this 31 day blogging challenge, I knew that I would get at least one free day.  December 11th.  I knew that blogging on this day would be a CINCH… because it’s my Mom’s birthday, and I can always throw down some love for my mama on her special day… but here I am… finding that today is the hardest day I have faced yet.  It is the hardest, because there aren’t words.  There aren’t words to explain to the internet the magnitude of what you are doing for our family.

I could write to tell you how amazing my mom has been to ME for my entire 34 years of life on this planet… or how great it was that I got to take up real estate is such a phenomenal woman’s uterus for 9 months…. which YES… those statements are accurate… but that’s not what is most important during this year on her birthday.


This year I want to tell you what a loving daughter she is, because… right now… being a daughter is the most important role she has in life.

In my last post I mentioned that my Grandma is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and the disease has taken most of her memory, personality, and ability to thrive.  She is the adult equivalent of a toddler, and requires constant care.

So, this year, on my Mom’s 57th birthday there will likely not be a celebration to the extent as there may have been years prior, because she has given up most of her freedoms to take care of my Grandma… around the clock.  She gave up her job.  She gave up her house.  She gave up her life in order to make sure that my Grandma doesn’t have to live in a nursing home.  My Grandma loves two places, her home and her church.  To rip her from her home would devastate her; therefore, my Mom has given up everything to care for her… even to the extent of selling her home and moving into my Grandma’s house indefinitely.

I can’t even begin to explain the sacrifice and level of selflessness that my parents have given to my Grandma… and in turn modeled for me and my siblings and cousins in regards to what it looks like to unconditionally love others.

I wish nothing more than to be closer to home during this time so that, if anything, I could offer some reprieve for the long, endless days that my parents are facing, but I can’t be there now, so I’m doing the only thing that I can think to try to help this situation.  In order to say Happy Birthday to my mom… I’ve written a check to help support research towards finding the cure for this insufferable disease.  The donation is in my mom’s name with my Grandma listed as the honorary recipient.

I love you, Mom.  I’m proud to know that I came from such an amazing woman.  Your love for Grandma, and the sacrifice you’re making for every member of this family is something that we will all be forever indebted to you for.  You’re beautiful, inside and out.  Happy birthday.



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