Day 10 of 31 :: My Favorite Photo of the Year

This is a pretty big deal for a photographer… to pick one photo that they love the most, just one.  The best one.  And for me, that photo is raw, poorly lit, tender and filled with memories.

These two ladies are the beginning of me.  On the left is my Mom’s mom, Grandma to me… Gigi to her great-grandchildren.  On the right is my Dad’s mom… Grunner.  These women are the beginning of my memories.  They hold the family treasures, the priceless moments.  They are both the light of several of our lives, and to look into their eyes feels like I could be transported right back to my childhood. They are my time machines into an easier era.  Their hands are just as soft as they were when they held me as a young girl, and nothing feels more like home than being in their presence.  They have watched their kids, their kids’ kids, and their kids’ kids’ kids grow.  In fact, both of them are Great-Great Grandmothers!!  Grunner & Grandma_0001

These beautiful women are the only two grandparents I have left.  My Grandma is battling, unsuccessfully, against Alzheimers while my Grunner’s wit is still sharp as a tack… yet her body is starting to show some signs of her young age.

No matter what the ailments… these two women are the heart and soul of both sides of my family.  Before Alzheimers, my Grandma was very soft-spoken, kind-hearted and caring for all of those around her.  Now she is still all of these things with a little bit of spice added into the mix.  My Grunner is witty, a little batty, and hysterical.  She cracks jokes that have me rolling in laughter, and she loves her family with a fierceness that is unrivaled.

I’m honored to be able to call these women the matriarchs of my family, and I am even more honored that they agreed to sit in front of my camera in a dimly lit kitchen over Thanksgiving.  I treasure this photo.  It is my favorite.

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