Las Vegas Boudoir Photography

A few months ago I was able to shoot something new.  Something that I have never done before.  I had three gorgeous women ask me for boudoir photos all within the same month.  It was something that I have been wanting to do, but didn’t really know how to put it out there.  It might sound a little weird to coax your friends into getting almost naked for you… as a favor, nonetheless.

One of my brides contacted me and wanted to create an album for her groom’s gift the night of their wedding, and I was more than excited to oblige!  Then in the coming weeks two other dear friends/clients contacted me about creating albums for their husbands… one as an anniversary gift, and one just because… all three of them were nervous.  And so was I.  Champagne might have been heavily involved in the creation of these images.
Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer_0001

I am a firm believer that the sexiest and most beautiful parts of a woman’s body are the small delicacies that lie in the everyday things.  Beautiful strands of hair.  Collar bones.  The way the curves of her body in the sunlight can create warmth in a room.  And the way she can swipe her hair behind her ear in a quick and natural way… without even realizing how gorgeous she actually is.

Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer_0004

Shooting these images with my clients in my home gave me the courage to start asking my brides to do a teeny tiny moment of bridal boudoir right before they slipped on their dresses, and those photos have turned out to be a wonderful surprise gift to their new husbands while on their honeymoon.

The thing that I love the most about boudoir photography is seeing the transformation in a woman’s spirit, and the confidence in her body.  The shoot inevitably starts out with nerves from both of us, but ends with gorgeous images of a woman who is in love with herself and crazy excited to be doing something so amazing.
Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer_0003

** Please note that I had DIRECT consent from my clients to share these specific images on the internet.  The privacy of these images is of the utmost importance, and I would never jeopardize my client’s trust.

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