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Hey, so remember the other day when I said I was gonna try to blog every day in December?  Well, I basically lied straight to your faces.  But, I’m doing my best… at least I’m showing up a little bit more than usual.

I don’t know a better way to kick off some blogging than with this wedding.  Olivia and Jace were and continue to be some of my favorite people in the world.  To work with them on their wedding was basically like being able to hang out with my friends and get paid for it.

Jace and Olivia met while working at Green Valley Ranch, so it was only natural for their wedding to be held on their beautiful grounds.  The only problem was that the weather forecast for their wedding day called for gale force winds and light rain to accompany their outdoor reception.  I saw Olivia the day before the wedding and she was devastated.  Her vendors and some of her family and friends were telling her that we’d need to move the reception into the ballroom.  Having been involved with this amazing couple during the entire planning process, I knew that this wasn’t the wedding that Olivia had dreamed of.

I told Olivia the day before her wedding that we could do this.  We could take the chance.  We could leave her wedding reception outdoors, as planned.  We needed to get a few extra blankets for her grandparents, and ask the florist if she felt as though the table arrangements could withstand the wind.  Luckily enough, she was using cement vases which were decently weighted.  Then, I told Olivia the most important part.

I said, calmly and nicely… if we’re doing this, then you have to be fully on board.  You have to embrace the wind.  The wind will now become an element of your wedding.  It is a detail that has been added at the very last minute, and should this detail cause more havoc than we anticipated; she had to take it in stride and not let it break her wedding spirit.  If anyone was able to make such a promise, it was Olivia.  She is, hands down, the most positive and wonderful person I know.  She is grateful and loving, kind and understanding.  She cares for others with her full heart, and she makes sure to say ‘thank you’ at every turn.  She is the epitome of a perfect bride.

We took on the day of the gale force winds, and we made her our own.  Ribbons twirled in the air and hair danced the day away.  This new detail added life to photos that would have already been stunning even without the wind.  The movement in their images gave Jace and Olivia a true memory of what their wedding day felt like, and with every breezy Spring day they are both reminded of how insanely perfect their wedding day really was.las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0001 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0002 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0003 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0004 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0005 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0006 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0008 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0009 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0010 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0012 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0013 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0014 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0015 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0016 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0017 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0019 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0020 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0021 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0022 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0023 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0024 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0025 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0027 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0028 las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0030las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0031las-vegas-wedding-photographer-olivia-jace_0029

Planning/Coordination: Open Invitation  :: Florals: Layers of Lovely :: Venue: Green Valley Ranch :: Hair and Makeup: Kristin Kowal :: Signage: Chrissy Makes :: Lighting: LED Unplugged

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  1. Fran says:

    Jodi, absolutely beautiful. The wedding party are such beautiful women, you have captur thbeauty ofthe wedding, of th bride and the wedding party, Simply said…amazing! You are such a caring, articulate person that shine through in your photography …such a gift.

  2. Graham says:

    Unbelievable work! No words to describe this at all!


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