Las Vegas Wedding Photographer :: Azita & Sean

Azita and Sean are those people who you really hope are nearby when you’re in a bind.  Between the two of them, they could probably solve most of your problems since she’s a nurse and he’s a police officer.  I don’t know about you, but most of my problems come from hangovers and speeding tickets, so Azita and Sean are definitely my people.  Azita and Sean decided to take their super powers and join as one at Siena Golf Club.  Siena is a magical setting on it’s own, but the love and laughter that Azita & Sean’s families brought to the event gave the evening an electricity that I can’t seem to describe.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day in August, with just enough of a light breeze to cool down the desert heat.

Azita and Sean exchanged traditional vows with one another, and also wrote their own vows which led to inevitable laughter and tears.

If there ever were two nicer people on the planet, I have yet to meet them; and the fact that these two are now married to one another is something straight out of a fairytale.

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  1. Azita Pascoe says:

    You’re the best photographer there is Jodi. Plain and simple. Everyone needs you in their lives.

  2. SO much emotion here. lovely work as usual Janne. Thanks for sharing


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