Las Vegas Engagement Photos :: Liv & Jace

Last year one of my favorite posts was about all of the upcoming couples that I had for the year.  It’s not surprising that I don’t have my shit together enough to have that blog post ready, but I figured that I should start to introduce you to all of the lovely faces that are coming up in the J. Anne roster this Spring!!

Meet Olivia & Jace.  If you follow me on Instagram (@j_annephotography… shameless plug) then you have already seen so many of their engagement photos because I simply can not stop posting them.  Now that you’re seeing how amazing their engagement shoot was; I’m sure you completely understand my urge to over-post.

Jace and Olivia both used to work at a hotel resort here in Henderson… yet, they were on opposite shifts, so they had never met one another.  Co-workers who knew both of them kept urging the two of them to get together; however, since Liv had never met Jace she constantly shrugged off the suggestions from her coworkers seek Jace out.  Luckily, Jace was more persistent.

After about a month of hearing about this beautiful girl he had to meet, Jace received the opportunity to switch his shift.  The change in schedule would allow for his shift to overlap with Liv’s by one hour.  He *jumped * at the opportunity.  And, by jump, I mean… he got a haircut, had his suit pressed and shined his shoes for his first day of work with Liv.  He felt fresh and ready to make a great first impression.  An impression that didn’t happen that day.

Jace didn’t meet Olivia that day because when he got to work that day he learned that Olivia had been given an early out.  She was already gone by the time  he showed up that day.  Never one to give up, Jace persisted in his efforts, which proved to bode well for the two of them.

Jace and Olivia finally did meet at work, and quickly planned to take a hike together with a coffee date following the hike.  The coffee date lasted 3 hours.  The most important three hours of their lives.













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