2016 on Lock. We Out.

I know that this might come as a surprise, but I don’t always love going out to shoot a wedding.  Shooting a wedding day is absolutely grueling.  For 8-10 hours straight you’re on your feet, carrying pounds and pounds of gear, schlepping even more gear around with you, and being asked to stay in a creative headspace for an entire day.  Additionally, you’re dealing with an anxious bride, drunk wedding guests, and loving mothers who only want the best for their baby girl’s day.  You’re in a constant state of ‘on’ and ‘fix it’ mode.  Waves of issues come flying from every angle regarding the need for so many things thing… There’s always a need for the best light… How to pose a couple, the bridal party, the details, the family photos… Grandma can’t walk up the stairs… Brother is missing… The marriage license was left at the hotel… There’s nowhere to park for miles… it’s 115 degrees outside… Your $5K camera/lens just crashed to the ground onto the cement… The ceremony is starting an hour late… A bridesmaid’s dress won’t zip… errrr… the bride’s dress won’t zip… The groom can’t tie his bowtie… etc… etc…etc…

So, I might be committing photographer suicide by saying it on the internet, but shooting isn’t my favorite part of the job.  I do like to shoot, but mostly it’s because I like the images that the act of shooting produces.  I love the planning, designing and styling that I do before shoots, and I like to hang out with my clients and get to know them more… but my butter is this right here.  I like to do the designing that comes after the wedding.

I love to lay out blog spreads, design album pages, and I’m not too shameful to admit that my addiction to curating my Instagram feed is part of what drives me too.

The images below are a representation of just a few of my absolute favorite wedding images from 2016.  When scrolling through these images, the thing that stands out to me the most is that almost any image can be paired with another.   The cohesion of this collection of images makes my photographer heart flutter.  I can honestly say that I am finally beginning to see images that look the way that I saw them in my head, and that I am just now starting to see that all of the work is beginning to pay off.   I have such a long road to travel in order to be creating better photographs, but at least I can feel confident in knowing that I’m getting there!

MAJOR MAJOR thank you’s go out to all of my bad ass friends in the industry who made all of these images possible.  I can’t make pretty photographs without so much insane talent pouring their heart and souls in to these wedding.  These people, (you know who you are)…  are everything.

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR thank you’s to all of the insanely gorgeous people you see in these photos!  I can’t believe that I get to spend my days with so many phenomenal and kind people who trust me with their wedding images.  You are the foundation of J. Anne Photography.  Without you this business couldn’t breathe, and neither could I.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderfully gorgeous 2016.

I wish that I could sit and list all of the major players in all of these images, but it would be far too long of a process to go through… and there are probably another 100 photos that I could add to this blog… not to mention all of the engagement sessions, boudoir images, family photos, and that small trip to Paris in October… but, we’ll have to get to all of those on a different day, and in MANY MANY other posts!!

They just keep going and going and going…

2016 on lock.

We out.




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