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Crystal and Jared embody something amazing together.  They have a way about them that makes others in the room feel their presence, and their love… but yet… there’s something more.  Something mysterious about the way that they whisper to one another.  The way he can calm her.  The way she can give him a look, and he just knows.  Just knows that she is the one for him.  And him the one for her.  They move together.  Dance together.  And belong together.

They were married on a cloudy day in March at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas.  It was a day that could not have been more perfect.  Effortlessly perfect.  Crystal and Jared threw a beautifully classic wedding for their guests.  A timeless quality blanketed the entire day… beginning with all of Crystal’s beautiful details!!

LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_01 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_02

I may or may not have squealed a bit when Crystal pulled out her Chanel wedding shoes!

LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_03 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_04 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_05

She added this amazing mesh-beading cuff bracelet by Anna Campbell of Australia, and she paired it with a custom belt, made by her Aunt Irene, specifically for her wedding day!!  I swoon.


Blossoms by Gayle was on hand to create a divine bridal bouquet of lambs ear and white peonies!


Crystal looked insanely gorgeous in this mermaid shaped, curve hugging, hourglass figure wedding gown by Robin Jillian.

LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_08 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_09 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_10 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_11 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_12 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_13

Classic black bow ties… get me every freaking time. Love love love.


Jared.  Seriously. You knocked my socks off.

LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_15 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_16 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_17

HUGE thank you to Janelle for risking her life for the shot below!  This is one of my favorite first looks.  Evah!

LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_29LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_18 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_19 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_20 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_21 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_22 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_23

Lavish Events by Lissa B. created the bridesmaids beaded bouquets along with the beaded boutonnieres for the groomsmen!

LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_24 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_33LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_34LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_25LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_35 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_26
LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_27 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_28LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_30 LasVegasWeddingPhotographerMandarinHotel_31

The top left and this bottom photo are Janelle’s.  And it is the exact reason why she is my right hand whoa-man.  I worked hard for that pun.  Well, it’s not actually a pun.  Maybe a play on words.  But anyway, you get me.


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