Happy Valentine’s Day :: 2015

Fraser and I have never been really big celebrators of Valentine’s Day.  Sure, in the beginning it was a big deal… and he spoiled me.  But now, Valentine’s Day is simply a day that passes in which we feel as though we are obligated to buy the other a card, or say cheesy things… so the focus is definitely more on the boys and letting them have a fun treat like heart shaped pancakes, cherry lollipops or… like today… chocolate ice cream in the middle of the day for no reason at all and a new pack of crayons.  It’s February, and they ate their ice cream outside in the back yard wearing tank tops and shorts all the while I was concerned about them getting sun burned.  Vegas winters are a real bitch, ya’ll…. (obvious sarcasm)…

The only love story I have to tell today is the one of my little family who spends their Valentine’s Day squeezing and kissing on each other just as much as they do any other day of the year.

This is a photo from a Valentine’s Day shoot that I did a couple of years ago for one of my sweetest couples.  They are expecting a new baby soon.  So it seems fitting to celebrate them a little on this Valentine’s Day.  I adore you both, miss your faces, and wish nothing more than to be able to rub that belly of yours while it holds your first born in the safest place in the world world.


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