Legends Ranch Las Vegas Wedding :: Yahira & Jared

It was almost a year and a half ago, but I still remember my alarm going off on the very early morning of June 7, 2014.  It was a day that I had looked forward to for so many reasons, but the biggest reason was the amazing couple that I was going to photograph that day.  Yahira and Jared became immediate friends from the first time we sat down together to discuss the opportunity of shooting their wedding day, and so the day felt very personal to me.  But there weren’t as many nerves as there was just pure excitement.

It was June, so even though the ceremony was scheduled to start at 10am, it was already a hot day when we showed up early to get all of Yahira & Jared’s portraits done before the sun started blazing.  The biggest thing that I absolutely adored about this couple is that they bucked every single wedding tradition in order to make their wedding… well, theirs.  Every decision they made resonated with them as individuals, and they didn’t cave to the notion that they needed to follow any sort of wedding day protocol.  From the moment they embarked upon their first look to the moment that Jared walked his bride down the aisle… from their brunch reception to their donut tower wedding cake… this was their day, and they owned every single minute of it.

Jared and Yahira are absolutely two of the nicest people on the planet.  They compliment one another in so many ways, but the things I find enjoyable are how different they really are… yet still the same… even if Yahira doesn’t quite make it to Jared’s shoulder.  Jared is witty and really enjoys conversation while Yahira is sweet, and definitely more reserved.  But the moment that Jared tries to take control of a situation; Yahira has this way about her that will stop him right in his tracks and speak up for her wishes as if she was looking him dead in the eye… standing toe to toe.  It is endearing and lovely, yet at the same time filled with banter and wit.  They are perfectly fit for one another’s lives.
LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0007These Badgley Mischka’s that Yahira picked for her wedding day shoes definitely deserved a moment all of their own!!LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0003Yahira seriously left no detail untouched… even down to the tiny heart on her wedding ring finger.  Perfect for a wedding day touch.
LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0005LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0006 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0008This is the couple who introduced me to Pinkbox donuts.  Assholes.  I blame them for the most recent 5lbs.
LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0009 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0011 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0012LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0014LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0015Layers of Lovely.  On fleek, as always.  Yes, I just said fleek.  And I’m 33 years old.  And yes, I’m embarrassed.LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0016LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0013LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0017Scheme Events was obviously putting their fine touches on everything going on for the day!  The mix and match rustic seating was absolutely perfect for Legends Ranch!LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0020 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0021 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0022 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0023 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0024Jared absolutely blew me away with his handyman work!  He created the succulent boxes on the reception tables, this oversized jenga game set, and a large hacky sack game that the guests absolutely loved!  It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.  Much love to you Yahira & Jared!!  I miss your faces!!  xo.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding :: Kate & Rob

I don’t really know how it continues to happen.  But it does.  I continue to get amazing couples who show up in my city ready for me to photograph their wedding.  Kate and Rob flew themselves and about a hundred of their friends and family from all over the world to Las Vegas for their beautiful desert wedding.  Kate and Rob flew in from Australia while several other of their friends and family came in from Canada and other worldly places, which is a huge testament as to just how amazing Kate and Rob really are as people.  They are honest and kind.  They love, and they are loved.

Kate and Rob got married on a beautiful sunny day, yet all week, storm clouds were looming on all of our weather apps.  Fingers were crossed for a shining sun, and the weather spirits did not disappoint, which was truly amazing because Kate & Rob had gone to such lengths to make sure that they had phenomenal wedding photos!  Their wedding ceremony and reception were booked for Springs Preserve, but Kate really wanted to take advantage of everything that our state parks have to offer.  So, rather than have their wedding portraits taken at Springs Preserve; she bussed her entire wedding party out to Spring Mountain Ranch. We worked for months to make sure we had the perfect spot, a permit, the right timeline, the vintage sofa from Nostalgia Resources, and Scheme Events made sure that all of these working parts fell right into place.  Everything turned out absolutely dreamy with a little floral help from Lush Floral, Your Beauty Call behind the hair and makeup brushes, and then Kate had to go all … freaking superstar on us… WITH THAT HEADPIECE!!  SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0001 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0002 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0003 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0004 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0005 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0006 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0007 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0009 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0010 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0011 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0012 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0013 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0014 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0015 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0021SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0016

After a couple hours of donkey-ing around at Spring Mountain Ranch, it was time to head back to Springs Preserve to get the ceremony underway.  Kate swapped out the dazzling headpiece for another show-stopping cathedral length lace-lined veil that was a huge surprise for Rob!

SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0019SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0022SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0025SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0032Kate and Rob danced their first dance, together, for approximately thirty seconds before they asked everyone to join them… because that is exactly who they are.  Entirely selfless, family oriented, and utterly amazing.  Every person in that room knew just how lucky they were to be in Kate & Rob’s inner circle.SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0026 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0034 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0035 SpringsPreserveWedding_KateRob_0036Congratulations Kate & Rob.  I am so happy that you are finally a legitimate family of three with baby Blue.  ;)  Photographing your wedding was so incredibly amazing, and thank you so much for trusting me to capture everything that you shared with your friends and family.  I wish I could post ever single photograph that was taken that day, because seriously… there is so much beauty in each one… and not because of anything that I did behind the camera.  :)  Wishing you nothing but love and happiness.  xo.

Day Of Coordination: Scheme Events | Venue: Springs Preserve | Catering: DiVine Events | Photography: J. Anne Photography | Videography: Light Source Films | Floral: Lush Floral | Officiant: Peachy Keen Unions | Hair & Makeup: Your Beauty Call | Cake: Just A Bite Cheesecake | Ceremony Entertainment: Lounge Orphans | Reception Entertainment: Vegas DJ Entertainment | Chalkboard Rental: Welcome Bag Shoppe | Settee Rental: Nostalgia Resources | Lighting: LED Unplugged | Transportation: Earth Limousines

Family Sessions Booking Now :: 2015

Hello friends!  Can it really be?  Can it really be that time of year again?  Well, maybe not quite yet, as I’m jumping the gun a little bit on starting to book family sessions.  But, here’s my beef with last year… it kicked my ass.  Plain and simple.  I scheduled shoots too late into the year… which November doesn’t really seem like it’s all that late… but when the holidays set in, those bitches don’t mess around.

So, I’m starting a bit early, which will hopefully allow me to sleep a little bit during this holiday season, and hopefully help you guys out a bit too!!  Unless you like the idea of standing in a never-ending line at the post office with 200 cards to mail out, all of which need to be weighed and stamped… which might require a bit of vodka to dip your candy canes into.  So… yeah… I’m hoping this suits all of us!

As you guys know, this is the ONLY TIME OF THE YEAR that I book family sessions.  So, if you’ve been chatting with me about doing a shoot… now is the time!!  Family sessions are going to be booked exactly like last year!  Your session will be $500 for one hour of shooting.  You’ll get a lot of fun, interactive and candid moments along with a few options of a full family photo for your holiday card.  You will have plenty of photos… likely around 50-70 images… that you will hopefully want to litter your walls with, as well as your holiday card.  We will shoot outdoors at the location of your choice, within the Las Vegas area.  Likely, those locations will include Spring Mountain Ranch, Wetlands, Floyd Lamb, Corn Creek, Dry Lake Beds, etc…. Whatever suits your fancy.  :)  I’d also love to have some adventurous families who wanna let me try some new locations around Lake Mead, and even some around the Colorado River area just past Hoover Dam.  Those locations will be reserved for the families whose Dad’s aren’t pissed about the idea of family photos.  Because… road trip.  ha ha ha!!

We will shoot in the evening hours, usually around 4 or 5pm… maybe even later just depending on what the sun looks like as we approach daylight savings and the location you have chosen (ie:Spring Mountain Ranch might even be 3pm since it’s so close to the mountains).

In order to book the date you have to contact me via email (jodi@j-annephotography.com) and let me know which date you want.  I will send over a contract and payment event.  In order to book the date, the session fee has to be paid in advance, in full, and is non-refundable.  However, I’m not a complete asshole.  If something comes up and you can’t make your shoot, I will likely NOT steal your money.  We can always work to reschedule.

5N5A2127 blogcopy

Alright, here are the dates that I have available… Last year they were swooped relatively quickly, but it’s not like they’re gonna be gone before the weekend or anything, so don’t stress.  :)

Here we go…

September 17th
September 18th
September 19th
September 20th
September 24th
September 25th
September 26th
September 27th

October 8th
October 9th
October 10th
October 11th
October 22nd
October 23rd
October 24th
October 25th

It’s August 11th, and I’m signing off with…

Happy Holidays!!