Legends Ranch Las Vegas Wedding :: Yahira & Jared

It was almost a year and a half ago, but I still remember my alarm going off on the very early morning of June 7, 2014.  It was a day that I had looked forward to for so many reasons, but the biggest reason was the amazing couple that I was going to photograph that day.  Yahira and Jared became immediate friends from the first time we sat down together to discuss the opportunity of shooting their wedding day, and so the day felt very personal to me.  But there weren’t as many nerves as there was just pure excitement.

It was June, so even though the ceremony was scheduled to start at 10am, it was already a hot day when we showed up early to get all of Yahira & Jared’s portraits done before the sun started blazing.  The biggest thing that I absolutely adored about this couple is that they bucked every single wedding tradition in order to make their wedding… well, theirs.  Every decision they made resonated with them as individuals, and they didn’t cave to the notion that they needed to follow any sort of wedding day protocol.  From the moment they embarked upon their first look to the moment that Jared walked his bride down the aisle… from their brunch reception to their donut tower wedding cake… this was their day, and they owned every single minute of it.

Jared and Yahira are absolutely two of the nicest people on the planet.  They compliment one another in so many ways, but the things I find enjoyable are how different they really are… yet still the same… even if Yahira doesn’t quite make it to Jared’s shoulder.  Jared is witty and really enjoys conversation while Yahira is sweet, and definitely more reserved.  But the moment that Jared tries to take control of a situation; Yahira has this way about her that will stop him right in his tracks and speak up for her wishes as if she was looking him dead in the eye… standing toe to toe.  It is endearing and lovely, yet at the same time filled with banter and wit.  They are perfectly fit for one another’s lives.
LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0007These Badgley Mischka’s that Yahira picked for her wedding day shoes definitely deserved a moment all of their own!!LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0003Yahira seriously left no detail untouched… even down to the tiny heart on her wedding ring finger.  Perfect for a wedding day touch.
LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0005LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0006 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0008This is the couple who introduced me to Pinkbox donuts.  Assholes.  I blame them for the most recent 5lbs.
LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0009 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0011 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0012LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0014LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0015Layers of Lovely.  On fleek, as always.  Yes, I just said fleek.  And I’m 33 years old.  And yes, I’m embarrassed.LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0016LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0013LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0017Scheme Events was obviously putting their fine touches on everything going on for the day!  The mix and match rustic seating was absolutely perfect for Legends Ranch!LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0020 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0021 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0022 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0023 LegendsRanchWedding_YahiraJared_0024Jared absolutely blew me away with his handyman work!  He created the succulent boxes on the reception tables, this oversized jenga game set, and a large hacky sack game that the guests absolutely loved!  It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.  Much love to you Yahira & Jared!!  I miss your faces!!  xo.

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