Day 4 of 31 :: A Year of Hoes, Turned Housewives

I have got to get from behind the 8-ball on these blog posts.  When I am on my blogging game (which is never), I try to write blog posts in bulk and schedule them for publication throughout the week, but this challenge has got me all fugged up.   I’m not sure if it is the two little boys who are home with me full time now, the photography business to run, the second grade homework, the design of a new house, the packing of a current house, or the the extra work that comes with the holiday season that has my time management skills in such a choke hold… but nonetheless… I’m sleeping very little and already struggling to keep this blog challenge afloat.

And yes.  We’re on day 4.  Thank you for the eye roll.

A dear, dear friend… and past bride… told me yesterday that she would like for Day 4’s blog post to be about her.  I have nothing more to say about her except that she’s perfect, and I adore her, but the fact that she moved to Denver is unforgivable.  You’re dead to me now, Marina.  Dead to me.  (Jokes.  You know this.)

Marina’s narcissism did get the ball rolling on what I wanted to share with you guys today, so thank you for your borderline histrionics, Marina!

Earlier in the year, I launched a new tagline for my business, and I was good about keeping up with it for about a month or two.  Ha ha ha!  My plans for the tagline to become more than what it is now are still in the works, but for now I have been keeping the hashtag alive with all of you hoes who turned into housewives this year!!  The biggest thing that I slacked on was giving each of you, my 2015 brides, a personalized “Hoe Turned Housewife” badge of honor on my Instagram feed (which I always secretly hope that you’ll use as your profile photo… but none of you ever do… because, let’s face it… your Dad is on Facebook. Ha ha ha!)

So, rather than go through and post everyone’s badge of honor, I thought that I would just take this moment to give each and every one of you a shout out (minus the two weddings that I still have next weekend)!!

I feel like I’m handing each of you an Oscar.  You’re welcome.

2015Couples_0001 copy

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