Griffin John Stewart :: 3 Years

Today, on your third birthday, please know that you have completely altered my view of the world.

Please know that even though you are my second born, you are, and forever will be, first.  You are the first Griffin.  The first you.

Please know that you came into this world with no intention of allowing middle child syndrome to make you its victim.  You have pronounced your authority in our home since the day you arrived, and you continue to make sure that this is known.

Please know that every morning when you wake up before everyone else… and come stumbling into my bed… it is the happiest time of my day.  And even though your Daddy might seem really tough through your little eyes; I know that your cuddles are the first thing that he looks forward to in the mornings as well.

Please know that your voice.  That teeny tiny mouse of a voice.  Gets me every single time.  You have this way of saying ‘oh thank you, mama… Thank you for getting that for me!’  And you say this when I’m doing the most mundane motherly tasks.   ‘Oh thank you, mama… Thank you for wiping my bum!”  And for some reason, hearing that little voice makes wiping your bum actually enjoyable.

Please know that the last three years have NOT flown by.  In fact, it actually feels like I’ve known you for much longer.  It feels like you have forever been a part of me.

Please know that I’m crying while I type this.  Hot tears of pride are streaming down my cheeks.

Please know that you and your brothers are the only ones who have heard my heart beat from the inside… because each of you are the only thing that keeps it beating.

Please know that your cheeks are as soft as buttery pancakes, and even though I am sad that they aren’t as fluffy as they used to be, please know that this is still my favorite place to kiss you.

Please know that you run me ragged  It is you who screams all day… fights with your brothers… and demands my attention.

Please know that you are my shadow; constantly at my feet.  And constantly being tripped over.

But also, please know, that you are the one who wants constant love, constant kisses, and would be perfectly content being cuddled by me all day long… which is funny because it also feels as though you are the heart of the whole family.  You are at the core of everything.

Please know, on this third birthday of yours, that you make our house a home, and that you are insanely loved.

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Griffin’s 3rd Birthday Morning

Griffin's 3rd Birthday-11

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  1. Mother, Grandma says:

    I love you Griffy you are so special “Happy Birthday”.
    Beautiful Jodi, you make me cry!

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