The Deep End of My Gene Pool

I am raised from amazing DIY stock.  Actually, my parents weren’t just Do It Yourselfers… they were like, Do It Yourself Hoarders (DIYH).  They hoarded DIY projects.  And by hoarded, I mean… collected them, started them, prematurely stopped them, procrastinated on them, finished them ten years later, etc…  but, amazingly, they could also find a way to fit 37 DIY projects into one weekend alone and accomplish all of them with glorious success.

But, really quickly… let me just tell you that one time my parents went to Mexico and bought a massive amount of white square tiles to re-tile the kitchen of the farm house they purchased from my Grandmother. They bought the tile when I was in elementary school. They installed the tile while I was away at college. I’m not exaggerating. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

But, for reals…

My parents are basically walking DIYH encyclopedias… except encyclopedias don’t really exist anymore, and I’m really not trying to call my parents old, because they’re actually quite young to be parents of someone as old as me.  So, maybe they are walking iPads with their home pages set to Wikipedia.  That’s Britanica’s much younger, better looking and more efficient cousin.  In case you were wondering.

My parents know how to do almost anything.  And if they don’t know how to do it the right way, they’ll make shit up as they go along until they figure out how to do it.  This is a trait that I have so so so gratefully inherited from them.  I looooooove to change things; to have projects going on at all times.  Also like my mother, these projects begin at the most random times, and usually in lieu of doing something else that I am supposed to be doing, but isn’t nearly as fun as redecorating the nook above my kitchen sink.  Unlike my mother though… I do not procrastinate.  With DIY projects, that is.  Unpacking my suitcase… that’s a whooooole different story.  But no, I do not procrastinate on DIY projects.  Once the wild hair has successfully found its’ resting place… you know where… I am in full force project mode.  I am gung ho.  Who in the hell made up the words “gung ho?”

Yes, I just Wikipedia’d it.

Gung ho /ˈɡʌŋˈh/ is an English term used to mean “enthusiastic” or “overzealous”.

Gung ho is an anglicised pronunciation of “gōng hé” (), which is also sometimes anglicised as “kung ho”. “Gōng hé” is a shortened version of the term “gōngyè hézuòshè” () or Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, which was abbreviated as INDUSCO in English.


So… the point of this blog is to tell you that I’m off to Home Depot to buy two things.  A table saw, and a sander.  (Please hold while my dad wipes the tear from his cheek.)

That’s right, Griffy boy!  Get excited, we’re going to Home Depot 4 times today!!  Because really… nobody ever goes to Home Depot just once.


UPDATE:  I just read Fraser this blog, and his first words were… “What the eff are you buying a table saw for?!”  ….welcome to my life, Internet, welcome to my life.

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