Day 8 of 31 :: The Ugly Days Matter, Too

Today was an ugly day.

An ugly, ugly day.

It was one of those days when there is nothing wrong.  Your life is going great.  Kids are healthy.  Marriage isn’t kicking rocks.  Shit is good.  Yet, you are angry, irritable, selfish, and downright foul smelling because you can’t even muster the energy for a shower.

I yelled at the lady in the Arby’s drive thru today.  During the holidays.  Who in the hell yells at a drive thru person… ever… much less during the holidays?  (In my defense, I had waited for 10 looooong minutes… and I haven’t been eating sugar… and my kids were hungry… and I didn’t get to eat any… and, yeah… I suck.)  My friend, Crystal, would understand my pain.  She once yelled at a drive thru person, too.  We still laugh about it to this day.  However, her yelling at the Steak & Shake person that their establishment being out of buns was the equivalent to Taco Bell being out of tortillas was MUCH funnier than my tantrum that I threw today.  I giggled writing that.

Anyway, I proceeded to go home and hide.  I have MOUNTAINS of work to do both in my business, and with the remodel of the new house… packing this house… wrapping gifts… holiday cards… etc etc etc… but I hid from all of it.  I didn’t do a damn thing until 2:30pm.  This is a test for my husband to see if he really reads my blogs or not.  If not, I’ll get away with this infraction.  If so, I’ll still win because I will love him infinitely more for reading my blogs.

Anyway… the point of my rambling blog is that today sucked.  I sucked.  But, you know what??  I’m allowed to suck!!  Everybody is allowed to have ugly days.  The ugly days serve a huge purpose too.

The ugly days teach us how important the awesome days are.  The ugly days shove a big fancy pants mirror in front of us and make us face the facts that our lives are pretty freaking amazing… even when they aren’t amazing, we have it better than most.

Cheers to the ugly days, and cheers to making tomorrow better… or not… who in the hell says I can’t have two ugly days in a row??

These photos make the day feel a little bit prettier, wouldn’t you say?

LasVegasPhotographer_Ugly Days_0001

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