Las Vegas Engagement Photos :: Kelly & Brian

For so long, I was desperate to shoot Kelly and Brian’s engagement photos.  There were days that I would think about my Spring weddings and want to post an engagement photo of Kelly and Brian, but beings that they are from the East Coast (… ahem… #westcoastbestcoast) Kelly has done all of her wedding planning long distance!!  These darlings weren’t able to make a trip out to Vegas sooner… so their engagement session happened today, and they are getting married on Saturday!!  I don’t know Kelly or Brian very well yet, but what I do know of them is that they are a little bit shy when you first meet them.  The giggle with one another, and when they kiss… you have to tell them it’s okay to stop because they seem very content kissing one another.  I know that Brian has this adorable smile when he looks at Kelly, and I know that they are humble enough to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, yet silly enough to laugh with one another.  I know that Brian is actually more ticklish than Kelly, and that they are both willing to break a couple of rules for a good photograph.

What I also know is that they have a heck of a lot of people who have flown into Vegas this weekend to help them celebrate their marriage, and I am beyond excited to spend my time documenting their wedding!!
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