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Usually, I write my blog posts.  Usually, I gather bits of a couples’ story during the time in which we are communicating about booking me for their wedding.  Usually.

But this time is different. I emailed Sarah to ask her how her and Tarik met, because Sarah and I didn’t exchange a typical amount of emails as she was booking me for their engagement session only.  Their wedding will be in Chicago, and their wedding photographer is already booked.  I should apologize to that photographer.  I did my best to convince Sarah to burn the contract.  Not really… okay, maybe a little.  Or maybe not.  You guys will never know the truth.  ha ha ha…

Anyway, Sarah wrote me a darling email about the way that her and Tarik met and how he proposed.  I smiled as I read her email.  And her words are so endearing, that I felt it would be unfortunate for me to change them.  So, here is Sarah & Tarik’s story.  In her words.

How We Met: 

We first met at the hospital (insert from Jodi:  Tarik is a Psychiatrist and Sarah works in the field of Psychology, so they worked together). I would politely knock on the door to request a chart that had been sitting on his desk. We didn’t exchange too much, just “hellos” and “thanks.” One day, he properly introduced himself. I remember he was wearing black scrubs that had his name stitched in. We didn’t really chat. I was all business at work, although, admittedly, I did ask to retrieve charts more often than I needed to. I assumed someone as tall and handsome as he is had a lady to go home to.

In a completely unrelated incident (as I kept my crush secret), a girl had shown me a photograph of Tarik holding a cat that was exchanged with her during a conversation about their pets.  I found the picture incredibly darling. I have a dog and a rabbit, so I am definitely an animal lover.

And then came the birthday party. Some coworkers and I were in the small break room, discussing a nurse’s birthday. Tarik came in to the room and the nurse invited him. I immediately looked down and away. “Sure,” he said. In my head, I did a little happy dance.

At the party, I whispered to some girls that I found “Dr. A” attractive. There were plenty of shoulder nudges among the revelry. “Just talk to him!” Noooooooo. No, no. I’ll just keep asking for the chart, that will be the extent of my crush. Walking past a conversation between Tarik and a girl friend, she pulled me in, “You know, Tarik, Sarah liked your cat picture.” And then she left. And then we hit it off. We exchanged ideal pet names, even children’s names. We talked about old movies. He recommended La Piscine, a French movie with Jane Birkin. My heart was aflutter!

And then a couple weeks later, we separately attended a retirement party. The host had a fire pit in our backyard, and we occupied it the entire time. We spoke for several hours, the flame tended by the host’s husband. The host would shoo away anyone who came to sit with us. Our chemistry must have been visible to them, because they made sure we were as cozy as could be! At the end of the night, he walked me to my car and asked for a kiss. I remember everything: we smelled smokey, it was windy and cold. I had to hold on to his jacket collar because with this kiss, I was literally lightheaded. He said “Dream Weaver” was playing on the radio when he got in the car. It couldn’t have been a more perfect first kiss.

LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0004LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0001 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0002LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0007

The Proposal:

Tarik proposed on Christmas Eve. I LOVE Christmas. I love to pick gifts for my family and watching them open each one in excitement. I always go overboard. For myself, giving gifts is truly better than receiving.

We had a great day. We skyped with his family in Chicago, while they opened gifts, and then we went to my parent’s home for dinner. When we got home, I did my usual tidying up and worked around the kitchen.

Then I heard a noise, “Do you like my coat?” He startled me! He was wearing the same jacket as our first kiss. “Yes,” I said, “but isn’t it a bit warm inside?” He spoke about love, spending every day forward with me, and then got on one knee. We were both in tears when he put the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen on my finger. I don’t think I understood tears of joy until that moment. Our hearts are so filled with love.LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0005 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0006LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0008 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0009 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0010 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0011 View More: LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0013 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0014


Sarah & Tarik, we spent the most beautiful day together roaming around Spring Mountain Ranch, but it will pale in comparison to your wedding day.  That I am certain.  Much love to you, and your families as you celebrate such a beautiful union!!  xo.

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