Hello! I'm Jodi, and this is your fair warning. My couples often become much more than clients. They come over for cocktails, we chat incessantly about their wedding details + design, and we end up finding ways to stay in each other's lives long after the wedding is over.  If you're up for that (and for stylish, romantic, sophisticated images, too), we're likely the right fit - I will have a vodka tonic waiting for you.

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Tucked into the bustling Las Vegas Strip covered in century old trees, lavish greens, and olive groves is a the classic Las Vegas Country Club.  Founded in 1967 it houses tradition, detail, and infamous stories of the good ol’ boys club of Las Vegas. The story that was important to Lauren and Matt; however, was […]

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I hope that everyone will forgive me for this post being about 28 days late.  The beginning of 2017 started off in a crazy frenzy with Kris and Jessica Bryant’s wedding, so it has taken me a little bit of time to recover and start getting my head on straight for what is about to […]

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Twice this year I have found myself in a position of booking a wedding that was less than a month away.  In both situations, something had gone awry with the photographer that was already booked, and the couple felt that their contract needed to be walked away from.  Taking on a new client with such short […]

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