Hello! I'm Jodi, and this is your fair warning. My couples often become much more than clients. They come over for cocktails, we chat incessantly about their wedding details + design, and we end up finding ways to stay in each other's lives long after the wedding is over.  If you're up for that (and for stylish, romantic, sophisticated images, too), we're likely the right fit - I will have a vodka tonic waiting for you.

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Like most good conversations, alcohol played a major factor in my conversation with Will almost exactly a year ago.  It was chilly in Charleston, SC on the day of Paige and Colby’s wedding, but we were out on the dock baring the elements with vodka there to warm our souls.  Will and Ashley are good […]

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Blogging is hard.  I know that sound so pretentious, and shallow, and ridiculously diva.  Blogging itself isn’t hard, but finding the time to blog on top of everything else going on is REALLY hard. ‘They’ always say though… if you want something to happen bad enough, you will make it happen.  Here I am, trying […]

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She sat in her car in the parking lot of the restaurant, refusing to go inside.  It would be the first time that she met Rex in person.  They had met and chatted online for a couple of months already, but taking the step to meet a man she had only spoke to on the […]

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