Red Rock Country Club Wedding :: Robyn & Meir

I am not sure that I have ever been so prepared to shoot a wedding. Every single detail of Robyn & Meir’s wedding had been hashed out via email by her coordinator extraordinaire… and Momager… Marcie. Marcie was on point. She had a binder to house binders. She had documents that detailed every nook and cranny of wedding planning. And she was the queen of communication. Which is a huge reason why Robyn & Meir’s wedding went off without a hitch.

We arrived at Red Rock Country Club on time and ready to dive into the wedding day… little did we know we were about to dive into a slew of gorgeous details laid out for us, and a bride who could not have been happier to be marrying the love of her life. Robyn beamed with excitement, and her smile infected everyone around her with happiness. And while Meir is a little bit more reserved than Robyn… and shied away from the camera for a large portion of the day, they fit with one another perfectly. This precision fit could not have been more evident than the moment that Robyn walked down the aisle to see Meir for the first time, because in that moment, Robyn infected Meir too. And she has continued to do so each and every day that has passed since their wedding.

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All of my love and condolences to Robyn, Meir and Robyn’s family on the loss of their wonderful Grandpa. I only knew him for a day, but I could see every ounce of pride and love that he had for his family in his smile. It is absolutely humbling and an honor to know that we were able to capture this memory for Robyn before her Grandpa’s passing.


Robyn & Meir, I could not have been happier to spend your wedding day with you and your families. Even though the wind had it out for us that day, the love that you two share was enough to really shine through in your wedding photos. Your friendship means the world to me, and I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to be up to next. And Robyn, please continue to make my days brighter with your hysterical Facebook posts! I adore you both. Congratulations. xo.

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