Palo Alto, California Wedding Photography : Intimate Garden Wedding

My mom recently divulged some information that I am still struggling to come to terms with.

When I was in grade school I was an incredibly good student. I got straight A’s. I excelled at the Jesse Owen’s games. I received Dragon of the Month, like, all the time. I was given parts in the school plays… I mean… I k.i.l.l.e.d. it as Recycle Girl with my turquoise tracksuit and sweat band. I jogged into the scene with my cousin, Spencer, who was of course Recycle Boy. We led a the chorus of 5th graders behind us in a hip and bouncy song, “Reeeee-cycle, reeeee-cycle, recycle NOW!”

So you get it. I was a pretty good kid. Or, at least I thought that I was a pretty good kid until my mom decided to burst my bubble the other day. She informed my husband, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME… she didn’t even have the decency to say it behind my back… that all of my report cards indicated in the comment section that I was a bit of a chit-chatter during class. Okay… maybe “bit” it putting it lightly.

So, it has come to light that I kind of talk a lot. And I’ve done it since I was a kid. Therefore, I claim genetics.

Thus, it definitely comes as a surprise that this blog has been silent for so loooong! I wish that I could claim that on genetics too. ┬áSince I can’t, I am going to blame it on a whirlwind wedding season and three little Super Mario Brothers that wanna suck up every moment of my day.

Here’s a little taste of what I have been up to lately though!! This beautiful wedding took place in September in the Northern California hills of Palo Altos. I had the awesome opportunity to second shoot this wedding with a great friend and photographer, Cortney of Cortney Talbott Photography.

It was a wonderful trip into San Francisco for Cortney and I to be able to take together, and we followed up the gorgeous wedding with quick round of shopping and lunch in Union Square.

Poor Cortney though… that girl couldn’t get a word in all weekend with all of my incessant talking.



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