Mandarin Oriental Wedding Photographer :: Andrea & Brian

I had never seen this side to him.  When I photographed Andrea & Brian’s engagement session almost a year prior, Brian was reserved.  Shy, even.  He spoke very little, but did everything that I asked of him and more.  He felt comfortable with kissing Andrea… holding her closely… and letting her be the center of attention.  So, it came as a big surprise for me on the afternoon of February 21st when I walked into Brian’s hotel suite and a group full of Canadian men were boisterously beginning the celebration of Andrea & Brian’s wedding day.  Brian is one of three brothers, and the roughhousing, bantering, and slap stick comedy took over the room.  The men of the day popped bottles of champagne and freely enjoyed one another’s company… down the hall, the girls took a different approach to their preparation.

The girls’ suite was bustling with activity.  Makeup and beautiful shoes were everywhere, and the girls readied themselves with a buzz of happiness… a buzz that came from the excitement of the day, and maybe also a few of their own champagne bottles that had been popped.  Andrea poised herself as a calm and collected version of a bride, and she slipped into her wedding dress with the ease of a woman who had been ready to marry Brian for a very long time.  She laughed with her bridesmaids as Mom’s eyes swelled with tears… and her Maid of Honor applied the finishing touches of jewelry, a spritz of perfume, and out the door we went… floating down the halls of the Mandarin Oriental… in search of Andrea’s soon-to-be husband.
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The ceremony was set to take place in a beautiful ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental.  The stage had been beautifully accented with a gorgeous arch of flowers and branches while touches of gold filled the room.  The wedding guests filtered into the ballroom where carts of champagne glasses greeted them, and asked them to toast with the bride and groom as they became husband and wife.  After all, there ain’t no party like a champagne party.

It is in this first moment of being husband and wife that Brian decided it was his turn.  It was his turn to be the center of attention, and for him to showcase to his friends and family just how pleased he was to be marrying the love of his life.  It is quite possibly the best first kiss I have ever photographed.MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0028MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0016MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0020MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0018MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0017MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0014MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0015MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0010MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0024MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0027 MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0023

The night was filled with toasts.  Overflowing.  So many of Andrea and Brian’s closest friends and family wanted to share their hearts with the room to express how deeply they were connected to these two beautiful people.  And Andrea and Brian themselves prepared a beautiful thank you speech to the guests of their wedding.  Tears were shed, laughter abounded, and this group of wonderful people were able to join together for one remarkable night to witness the beginning of Andrea & Brian’s family.

To Andrea & Brian, from the moment we signed on the bottom line of your photography contract you have trusted me with the documentation of your love story… but not only that, you have followed my business for over a year, and have supported every move that I have made as a photographer.  I have felt an endless amount of endearing friendship, and for that, I am forever grateful.  You have been a dream couple during the planning process of your wedding, and the fact that I can truly call you my friends in a genuine honor.  Thank you so much for opening the doors for me to step into your lives.  Your wedding was truly magical, and your marriage will prove to be the same… tenfold.MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0026 MandarinOrientalLasVegasWedding_0025Venue – Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
Photography – j.anne photography
Planning & Coordinating – Scheme Events
Hair & Makeup – Your Beauty Call
Floral – Layers of Lovely
Invitations – SHE PAPERIE + Design Boutique
Music – Mike Fox
Videography – Caterpillar Weddings
Officient – Peachy Keen Unions
Lighting – LED Unplugged
Cake – Peridot Sweets
Chargers – BBJ
Chairs – Classic Party Rentals
Stage Cover/Dance Floor – Sit On This


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  1. Andrea HARDY :)

    March 13th, 2015 at 10:06 am

    This made me tear up! (And also made my mom cry- surprise surprise haha – I must tell you my mother was a woman of few tears- until her baby got married!) We love you Jodi! Thank you to the moon and back for capturing our special day for us!

  2. Jodi Anne

    March 16th, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    Ummmm… stop with your all-cap new last name!!!!! Loooooove it!!! Love you, love your HUSBAND… and your tear-filled mama-bear!!! xo.

  3. Meg Ruth

    March 14th, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    These are all so stunning! All-star team right here! That ceremony space! That kiss!

  4. Jodi Anne

    March 16th, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    Thank you, Meg!!! It was one of those weddings when everything just came together soooo easily!!! :)