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It’s not Thursday, but I’m throwing it back today anyway. Today’s post comes from last September.  September 21, 2013.  Which means, happy almost one-year anniversary to Amy & Micah!  Which also means… I reallllly need to slap my own wrist for not blogging this sooner.  I’m trying to be better about blogging though, seriously, I am.

When I go through Amy & Micah’s photographs from their wedding, I see a truly beautiful day.  I love their images so much, and when I took them I was ecstatic!  It was the best wedding that I had ever shot at that time!  Amy & Micah were stunningly gorgeous, and Amy designed a beautiful wedding along with help from Scheme Events.  But what I also see is… what a difference a year makes.

The images captured from Amy & Micah’s day are beautiful, but there’s something behind the photos that I can see.  I see myself struggling to find what I wanted to create.  I couldn’t have seen it then, because I never knew where I would be a year from this wedding, but I can feel myself developing as a photographer in these images.  I was starting to tap into who I wanted to be as a photographer right around this time, but I wasn’t there yet.  And I’m still not there, but I’m definitely on track.

This wedding was the beginning of where I wanted to go, and I am so so so proud of these images.  No, the exposure isn’t what I would do now… and the editing style is different from my recent weddings, subtle, but different.  But none of those small nuances change what these photos represent… they represent Amy & Micah’s wedding day, which, in my opinion… was captured beautifully.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0001

One of Amy’s biggest requests from the day was to make sure that I photographed the gifts she had made sure to have for her family and bridal party.  Amy is the type of person to make sure that you know that you are appreciated.  To go the extra mile to make sure that you know she cares about you, and this was truly represented throughout her wedding day.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0002

The photo below was captured by my second shooter, Jason Skinner.  It is quite possibly my favorite photograph from the entire day.  This was Amy’s mom’s reaction to a picture frame that Amy had made her with a quote inside.  It was such a beautiful moment to witness.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0003

Amy put together a stellar team of vendors for her wedding!   The event was hosted at Siena Golf Club with Naakiti Floral creating the floral arrangements and ShePaperie designing the most beautiful invitation suite!

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0004 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0005 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0006 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0007 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0008 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0009

Amy and Micah decided that they wanted to have a small moment with their parents in order to sign their marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony.  The intimacy of this photograph is captivating.  Reverend Linda Venniro did a beautiful job with their wedding and the marriage certificate ceremonies.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0010 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0011 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0012 Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_0013


Thank you, Amy and Micah for giving me your friendship and trust!! Your wedding photos are absolutely beautiful, and they directly reflect the type of people you both are… and thank you also, for allowing this post to happen.  For allowing me to see potential in myself from a year ago, and to know that a year from now I hope to look back and see myself completely differently… because I can’t become what I want to be by remaining who I am.

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