Right over your shoulder…

Sometimes life gets really hard. And I just want to run away crying. So, my sweet Brodrick, I know how you feel… really, I do.

But if you would just take a minute to look behind you, you’d see that what you need the most in life are your best friends, and they’re right behind you, my love.

Our families are here for a reason. They let you beat on them, be mean to them, show them your ugliest side, and yet… they are still there to love you. To pick you up when things get rough. You and your brothers might not always see eye to eye on all of the goings on in each of your lives, but I do know that if you ever want to run away… crying as you run… the place to look is right over your shoulder. Because that’s where they’ll be, those brothers of yours. That’s where they’ll be waiting for you to lean on them.


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