Rice Krispie Treats at the Gym

It has been over a year since I had Brodrick, my third baby boy.  And I’m willing to bet that I’m not a pound lighter.  Okay okay… minus all of the stuff you lose in the hospital, and then the weight you lose in the first few weeks after giving birth… minus all of that, and I’m just as cushiony as a Mom should be when she’s making a baby.  But.  I’m not making a baby!

So, with my birthday looming… a trip to see my dearest high school friends booked… a trip home at the holidays… and just the fact that I’m sick of the baby weight… I’ve decided to get serious.  I’m eating better and hitting the gym more often.

I took a class this morning and ended up right next to Super-Thin-Because-I-Go-to-this-Class-Every-Week girl.  Why does that girl always have to come to my classes?  Anyway, as I studied her body, I couldn’t help but notice that my body was missing angles.  As she plie’d, I plie’opped.  Her knees and elbows made perfect tripods for her body to balance… move… pose, while mine resembled more of a marshmallow being pulled into odd shapes.  This was bad for me because as I stared at myself in the mirror and made this comparison, I found myself thinking about marshmallows.  And then about Rice Krispie treats.  Who thinks about Rice Krispie treats in the gym?  This girl.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_Macaroon_Blog


I didn’t have a photo of marshmallows, but I did have this other fluffy and yummy treat.  Thank you to Peridot Sweets for making these delicious macaroons for Brodrick’s first birthday party.

Now if I could just find some celery to crunch on.

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