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I was sitting at book club a couple of months ago… yes, I go to book club… and yes, I think it is fun.  Stupid fun.  Laugh-until-the-waist-band-on-your-yoga-pants-is-a-little-bit-looser, fun.

Anyway, I was at book club.  A group of gals, noshing on some calories, talking about The Paris Wife (which I wasn’t a huge fan of, sidebar).  After the conversation of the actual book was complete small talk began.  Girlcode says that when us ladies are together, before we drink too much, there is always going to be a list of things that NEED to be discussed.  Cooking (This is when I refill my plate and my drink in order to bypass this item of the list).  Kids.  Strollers.  Target.  And our expanding waist lines, post-babies.  Maybe not in that order.

So, before we got so tipsy that the conversation turned into…. err… let’s leave that stone unturned…

We started talking about the expanding waist lines… who was training for the half-marathon in December… what type of jogging stroller to purchase… where’s the miracle pill… you get the idea.

One lovely lady mentioned that she burns up to one thousand calories in an hour of spin class.  Let me write that another way.  She burns two whoppers in one spin class.  TWO WHOPPERS!

So, since then I have been thinking that I needed to pedal my expanded rear straight into spin class.  Which I finally made it to this morning.

Let me make something straight, right now.  I do not like spin class.  My quads do not like spin class.  And my TAILBONE does not like spin class.

In better news.  One of my photos was featured over on USA Today!!

Huge thank you to Angie Kelly of Peachy Keen Unions for supplying the photo to be used alongside her amazing article about unique wedding venues in Las Vegas!  I love Angie to death, and she is an amazing officiant!!  Thank you again, Angie!!

Check out the full article here!



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