Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Paige & Colby

It’s easy to tell the story of love at first sight.  The story where all of the stars align the moment two sets of eyes meet, and then the yaddy yaddy yaddy’s until the happily ever after.   Yes, that story is easy to tell, but it is also very boring.

Paige and Colby’s stars didn’t align the first time that they met.  Were they instantly attracted to one another?  Yes.  Did they want to be together?  Yes.  But there was one thing that didn’t fall into place… the timing.  They met in New York City.  Paige lived there at the time, but Colby was just visiting while he was on the all-star break from professional baseball with the Phillies organization.  Paige knew one of Colby’s teammates, which is how they ended up meeting, but Colby knew that New York was just a fleeting moment for him.  Playing baseball meant that Colby would be traveling often, and he and Paige were both still so young, so he made the decision to not start anything serious.  But, they stayed in touch.  And as time went by, Paige never left Colby’s thoughts.

Finally, two years later, Paige went to visit Colby and it was then that they finally made their relationship exclusive, and official.

They are to be married early next year in Paige’s hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, and I am beyond ecstatic to head back to Charleston to photograph their wedding!!

We were able to roam around Spring Mountain Ranch State Park for their engagement photos, and everything about them and the location was just dreamy!!
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0001 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0002 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0006Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0004
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0005
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0007 Can you even imagine how gorgeous these wedding photos are going to be!!??  I mean, look at these two!!Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0008 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0009 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0010 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0011This last two photos are some of my absolute favorites… evah.
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_Paige & Colby_0012

Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding :: Erica & Joseph

Of all of the things that I learned about Erica & Joseph; they are steadfast in their love, and they know exactly what is important to them.  They focused all of their wedding-planning-attention on making sure that their friends are family were happy during their wedding… and they splurged on items that were so personal and important to them.  This focus led to the entire wedding having the feeling of genuine happiness.  Which is exactly what Erica & Joseph share, genuine happiness.

We began our day at Flamingo Hotel & Casino to photograph the wedding party getting ready before we headed over to Springs Preserve.  Erica & Joseph had a small wedding party which really allowed for the day to flow smoothly and easily with an abundance of laughter shared between an intimate group of friends.  Both the bride and the groom beamed with excitement as they got ready for the day ahead.

One of the most adorable personal touches that this couple added to their day was their love for these lucky glass kittens.  Each of their guests received these lucky tokens as a way for the couple to thank them for sharing in their wedding day.  They added an adorable touch for what became one of my favorite images from this wedding!!

Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0001 Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0002

Erica’s BHLDN gown was so so so stunning!  The petals that adorned the gown ombre’d into soft blush pink at the bottom!!Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0003 Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0004 Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0005

Erica and Joseph were really on the ball when they took their rings to Tiffany to have them cleaned before the ceremony, which made for a perfect detail photograph since everybody enjoys a little blue box in their life.  And then Erica requested the most amazing photograph of her engagement ring with her best friend’s engagement ring since they were both engaged at the same time!  I was incredibly happy to oblige!Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0006 Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0019Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0008

It is likely that I don’t even have to mention this, but Layers of Lovely killllllled it with the beautiful florals!!  The dark purple accent is simply perfection!!! Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0009Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0010Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0011Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0013Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0015Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0016Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0020Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0025Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0017Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0024Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0023

Erica always looks stunning, but she was really on point with her hair and makeup looking effortless and romantic… which was executed flawlessly by the team over at Amelia C. & Company.Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0018Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0022Las Vegas Springs Preserve Wedding _ Erica & Joseph_0021

Venue: Springs Preserve
Coordination: Scheme Events
Caterer: DiVine Events
Officiant:  Wedding Vows Las Vegas
Cake: Freed’s Bakery
Photography: J. Anne Photography
Entertainment: High Flyin’ Entertainment
Floral: Layers of Lovely
Hair and Makeup: Amelia C. & Company
Bridal Gown: BHLDN

Gumption Genes

I went to a meeting with some of the best branding geniuses I know yesterday.  The time I spend at Paper & Home is always so much fun, and Michael and Brooke just get me.  They really really get me.  When we are together it is usually because we are brainstorming something that we are both wildly excited about, and today was no different… but yet, it was soooo different.  Today felt like I was jumping off into something new.  Something that has the ability to change the trajectory of my business.

At one point during our conversation I actually had to ask myself, and the rest of the table… “Is this going to offend my couples?  Hell, is this going to offend my Dad?”  Ha ha ha ha!!  What the hell is wrong with me!!??  I haven’t had to ask myself if this was going to embarrass my Dad since that one time he picked me up from juvenile hall when I was in high school… which is obviously a completely different story.

But…. seeing as how my Dad is the person who gave me my fair helping of gumption genes… I think he might be okay with this next step.

And if he’s not… then… um…. well…. I want to say that since I’m not living under his roof I don’t have to play by his rules… but let’s face it… a girl never stops playing by her dad’s rules.

Stay tuned…