Las Vegas Wedding Photographer :: Brittney & Mike

Sometimes, life gives you lemons, and you’re supposed to make lemonade. But what happens when life hands you a beautiful couple with a wedding that is only a month away, and a team full of amazing vendors? Swoon, that’s what.

I talked to Brittney very briefly one morning, but our conversation was stalled due to my morning of school drop off, and activities with the babies.  I followed up with an email later in the day, but didn’t hear back from her right away.  I had only spoken to her for a few minutes, but had already learned that she thought she had booked another photographer for her wedding, but had just found out that there was a miscommunication and so her photographer was no longer available.  She was heartbroken and now also frantic.  I could tell immediately that she was incredibly sweet, charming, and genuine. And I wanted to shoot her wedding.  So I was a bit sad not to hear back from her right away.  The next day my cell phone rang.  It was a number that I wasn’t familiar with, but when the area code indicated Arkansas I picked up the call.  It was Mike on the other end.  Brittney’s fiancé.  What happened next still makes my heart skip a beat.  Mike and I chatted about details very briefly, but then he said… Can you just go ahead and send me the contract?  I just can’t handle hearing Brittney cry for another minute.  With that, a contract was sent, and he won a place in my heart… which made me see (even from over the phone) why Brittney was so in love with this man.

By the time the wedding was set to commence a month later, I felt like Ihad been a part of Brittney and Mike’s story from the beginning.  They are a blessing to my life, and I can not believe that I was the one they chose to document their wedding day.

Brittney and Mike chose to get ready in separate hotels, and to only see each other when she walked up the aisle to become his wife.  The day was planned perfectly by Scheme Events, and Layers of Lovely created spectacular florals to welcome the new Spring wedding season!


Navy and coral were the perfect colors for a beautiful Spring day!!


The image on the left, below, was captured by Janelle.  And I gasped when I saw it.


Brittney’s entire dress was covered with soft white sequins.  It sparkled with every move she made.


Retro Bakery created the perfect cake!!


The wedding was held at Springs Preserve, and it was the perfect location to host such a beautiful ceremony!


I love love love love love this photo below… so freaking much.


LED Unplugged was on hand to sparkle-up the reception with twinkling bistro lights and vintage marquee letters!

LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0036LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0021 LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0025LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0022

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Daple!!  xo.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Crystal & Jared

Back in November, Crystal and Jared jetted up to the mountains with Janelle and I to rock off some snowy engagement photos!  Of course, I gave the directions to the wrong lodge, and we ended up on two different sides of the mountain from one another.  But once that catastrophe was cleared up, we then had to sprint over to the other side of the mountain to get to a spot with gorgeous light as the sun was playing incredibly hard-to-get.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the ability to sprint through mountains like Edward Cullen, so I was sweating bullets about making it in time… because not only could I not let down my couple, but how could I ever live with myself if I didn’t get the chance to photograph Pepper and Dexter as well?  Thankfully, we made it work.  Thanks for the inspiration, Tim Gunn.

I have been holding onto these photos for soooo long because Crystal wanted them to first be debuted at her wedding… but guess what, ya’ll!?  Today is wedding day for Crystal & Jared!!  As soon as I slip off my yoga pants and into my grown up outfit, I’ll be headed to the Mandarin Oriental for what is sure-to-be a gorrrgeous event!  Brace your news feeds!  xo.LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0030 LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0034 LasVegasSpringsPreserveWeddingPhotographer_0033Image above, on the right, is Janelle’s!!  To die for!  xo.

Griffin John Stewart :: 3 Years

Today, on your third birthday, please know that you have completely altered my view of the world.

Please know that even though you are my second born, you are, and forever will be, first.  You are the first Griffin.  The first you.

Please know that you came into this world with no intention of allowing middle child syndrome to make you its victim.  You have pronounced your authority in our home since the day you arrived, and you continue to make sure that this is known.

Please know that every morning when you wake up before everyone else… and come stumbling into my bed… it is the happiest time of my day.  And even though your Daddy might seem really tough through your little eyes; I know that your cuddles are the first thing that he looks forward to in the mornings as well.

Please know that your voice.  That teeny tiny mouse of a voice.  Gets me every single time.  You have this way of saying ‘oh thank you, mama… Thank you for getting that for me!’  And you say this when I’m doing the most mundane motherly tasks.   ‘Oh thank you, mama… Thank you for wiping my bum!”  And for some reason, hearing that little voice makes wiping your bum actually enjoyable.

Please know that the last three years have NOT flown by.  In fact, it actually feels like I’ve known you for much longer.  It feels like you have forever been a part of me.

Please know that I’m crying while I type this.  Hot tears of pride are streaming down my cheeks.

Please know that you and your brothers are the only ones who have heard my heart beat from the inside… because each of you are the only thing that keeps it beating.

Please know that your cheeks are as soft as buttery pancakes, and even though I am sad that they aren’t as fluffy as they used to be, please know that this is still my favorite place to kiss you.

Please know that you run me ragged  It is you who screams all day… fights with your brothers… and demands my attention.

Please know that you are my shadow; constantly at my feet.  And constantly being tripped over.

But also, please know, that you are the one who wants constant love, constant kisses, and would be perfectly content being cuddled by me all day long… which is funny because it also feels as though you are the heart of the whole family.  You are at the core of everything.

Please know, on this third birthday of yours, that you make our house a home, and that you are insanely loved.

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Griffin’s 3rd Birthday Morning

Griffin's 3rd Birthday-11