Hello! I'm Jodi, and this is your fair warning. My couples often become much more than clients. They come over for cocktails, we chat incessantly about their wedding details + design, and we end up finding ways to stay in each other's lives long after the wedding is over.  If you're up for that (and for stylish, romantic, sophisticated images, too), we're likely the right fit - I will have a vodka tonic waiting for you.

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My blog has been a pretty lonely place these days, and I have been lying to myself by saying that I’ve just been too busy with the new house.  I have plenty of time to blog each day.  I just haven’t really wanted to face my own thoughts.  I’m scared to be brutally honest here […]

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Hello living world, again. I’m back.  Literally, but actually figuratively, I died for a week.  I was sick to my bones, and my blood was slowly oozing through my veins carrying more antibiotics than plasma.  But, bright side… I lost 12 pounds.  And, let’s be honest, I’d do it all over again for another 12. I’m […]

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I’m one of those really annoying people who likes to complain when they are sick, but won’t actually go to the doctor.  I’ll lay in bed and mope… dope myself up with medicine, and expect for mountains to be moved in order to make me feel better, but the doctor isn’t usually an option. But […]

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