Day 15 – 21 of 31 :: No Apologies & A Thought on Parenting

Hello living world, again.

I’m back.  Literally, but actually figuratively, I died for a week.  I was sick to my bones, and my blood was slowly oozing through my veins carrying more antibiotics than plasma.  But, bright side… I lost 12 pounds.  And, let’s be honest, I’d do it all over again for another 12.

I’m not going to waste your time with talking about my apologies for falling off of my blog challenge.  I’m not sorry.  Life happened.  I blogged for 14 days straight, which is better than I have ever done, and I’m cool with that.  I’m picking up and carrying on.

Talking about carrying on… let’s discuss parenting… and when it carries on beyond the four walls of our homes.  If you don’t know me well, it should probably be mentioned at this point that I love my children as fiercely as the next set of parents, but I have very little patience for disrespect and bad behavior… as do all of us.  If you want to read more about my thoughts on this… please check out this blog.  Carrying on…

Today we were at #loveonlarkspur checking out the progress of the remodel; which is a daily event for us.  When I mentioned that it was time to leave, Brodrick… my dear youngest boy with his aggressive and feisty spirit… turned to me in our construction site of a living room with a look of disgust on his face and yelled at me in a disgusting, disrespectful tone.  I actually can’t even remember what he was yelling about because the fire that boiled in my core rendered all of my other senses useless.  Four contractors stood around to hear his disrespect… which only added salt to my wounds, but didn’t change my approach to the situation at all.

As Brody’s disrespect poured from his mouth, the scathing bubbled over inside of mine.  My hand catapulted from my jacket pocket and around his tiny arm, quickly and efficiently bringing him to his ass against a wall.  I squatted before him, shot my hand underneath his chin to bring his eyes to mine.  In a very stern and angry voice, I told him all of the parenting things I’m supposed to say…  And then… only then… did his world collapse.  Because that silly, silly boy decided to talk back.

From there his walk-in-the-park scolding turned into what I will only call child-hell.  The wrath of a mother’s verbal beat-down, coupled with his arms being held in front of him, and a full-length timeout without him being able to move a muscle.  This is his torture.  The tears streamed down his beet red face in misery.

The thing is, we weren’t alone for this timeout.  We weren’t confined inside of the four walls of our private home, and I could feel the stares of the other adults in the room.  None of them said a word, but I knew that it made them uncomfortable to watch a little boy be held captive in punishment for 3 full minutes.

But you know what… I’d rather make other people feel uncomfortable for a few minutes than worry that my children will grow up to be assholes who waste their tax dollars because they turn into disrespectful juvenile delinquents that were never raised to respect adults or authority figures.

End rant.

Because… honestly… how could these little angels ever be anything but cherubs who grace this world with perfection?


Day 14 of 31 :: Death Becomes Me

I’m one of those really annoying people who likes to complain when they are sick, but won’t actually go to the doctor.  I’ll lay in bed and mope… dope myself up with medicine, and expect for mountains to be moved in order to make me feel better, but the doctor isn’t usually an option.

But today was different.  I woke up in the wee hours of the night feeling closer to a fire breathing dragon than myself.  My body ached and my stomach cramped.  My left ear felt close to explosion, but it was my throat that was the main concern.  I popped a cough drop and slept uneasily for a few more hours; waking too often from the pain.  I thought that it was the flu.  I thought that I would just lay around all day and feel sorry for myself.

As the morning lingered on the pain became worse… swallowing was excruciating, and I knew that this was something bigger.  My concerns were validated when I looked into my throat to find big grayish nasty blisters that ran down my tonsil and throat.

A few hours later, and a huge shot in my right ass cheek confirmed a diagnosis of strep throat.

Now my throat and my ass hurts.

You’re welcome for that visual.

I had a double header of shoots yesterday, and after I was finished I felt like I had just shot a double header of weddings.   I could barely stay awake as we drove the streets last night showing the boys Christmas lights, and I was asleep by 9:30pm… since 1am is usually my bedtime, that was probably the first indication that something was amiss.

Here’s a photo from one of my shoots yesterday… to try to make this day feel a little prettier… because the ladies at YOUR BEAUTY CALL always make things prettier.


Day 13 of 31 :: Always Volunteer

When you run across a family attempting to do a family photo with a point & shoot camera and a self-timer… with a baby, and a dog… and an adorable pregnancy announcement they want to share for the holiday season… always volunteer to take their photo for them.

Even if you’re not a photographer.

I don’t know this family… and I hope I’m not spoiling their announcement… but I was more than happy to help them get a beautiful family photo for their holiday season after I finished up Beana & Mario’s shoot yesterday!!!  And, I mean… look at those baby cheeks!!