Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Andrea & Brian

I’m wondering if they have two completely different versions of this story.  I’ve never asked Brian what his take is on how he and Andrea began dating, but from the sounds of Andrea’s version of the story… he was pretty smitten by her at first glance.

Andrea was working as a waitress.  Unbeknownst to her, one of her co-workers had a friend coming into the restaurant that day.  But oddly enough, when Brian came into the restaurant, he was seated in Andrea’s section of the restaurant, not in his friend’s section.  I’m not sure if something fishy was already going on, but it definitely seems weird to me that Brian knew exactly when Andrea was working, and possibly he even knew enough to ask for her section instead of his friends’… or maybe it was just pure chance, but I think that I need to get the scoop from Brian to figure out that end of the story.  But anyhow… Brian immediately struck up conversation with Andrea, but when he asked her for his phone number, she shut him down.  She claims that he seemed like he was trouble.  I’m willing to bet that she couldn’t stop thinking about him the rest of that week, though.  Luckily for her, Brian isn’t the type of guy to shy away from a challenge.  He was persistent.

He came to the restaurant again, and the outcome was the same.  She shut him down again.

The third time was a charm for Brian, and it seems that Andrea has benefitted from Brian’s persistence, too.

Brian and Andrea are set to be married at Mandarin Oriental next February, and I could not be more stoked to document their wedding day.  Scheme Events will be on hand to make sure that everything is dazzling and running smoothly, and the team from Your Beauty Call will start off the day by glamming up Andrea and her girls!

The love birds came to Vegas for a little bit of business and a little bit of wedding-planning-fun a few months ago!  Andrea was right on point when she decided to get her hair and makeup trial done before we headed out for their engagement session!  …and boy… did they turn it out for a romantic, and luminescent set of photos as we toured a small section of the Las Vegas Strip!

Oh, and by the way… they’re STUNNING!!!

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0001 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0002

I love the choices that Andrea made for their wardrobe!  She sent photos to me often, and really made sure that she was making decisions that made her feel beautiful, but that would also look gorgeous in front of a camera… and when the photo below happened… with the tiny bit of light flare bouncing off the sparkle in her dress… I might have squealed.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0003 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0004 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0005 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0006 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0007 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0008 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0009 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0010

The photo below.  Really, Andrea?  Now you’re just showing off.  {{wink}}

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0015Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0011 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0012 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0013 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer_0014

A Talk Shop : Recap

So, I made it through the day without actually vomiting.  Physically, at least… several times, in my head, I gave way to the overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety during the day.  I fought back tears when Fraser asked me around 3pm if I was nervous.  (1.  Duh, Husband.  and 2. Didn’t you read my blog???!)  My friends texted me throughout the day with positive thoughts, and well-wishes.  I have awesome friends.  But as much faith as they had in me, I didn’t have it in myself.

People starting pouring into my living room right on time.  Hair and makeup artists bustled around in my bedroom glamming up our models.  In the living room, faces stared back at me.  They gave me money in exchange for information.  Did I have good enough information to be worth their money?  Was I talking too fast?  Are my spanx showing?  Negative thoughts rushed through my mind as quickly as photography information plummeted out of my mouth.

This is the point that I’m supposed to tell you that everything eased up, things got easier, ice breakers happened, and then we all ran off merrily to our shoot.  But to be honest, I never really felt like there was one of those moments.  I stayed nervous the entire time.  I worried about how much use my information was, and I wanted to make sure that I actually talked to each one of the attendees too.  I want to know them, who they are, where they are in their business, and how I can help.  It was a lot of pressure for one day, and I’d be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t happy it was over.

The pressure, that is.  I’m glad the pressure is over.  What I realized today, once the pressure was gone, was that everything went really really really well.  I’ve had a ton of amazing feedback, and some even told me that the material the attendees received before we started shooting is worth more by itself than the entire cost of the workshop.  My ears tickled and danced as I heard this information, because that is all that I ever wanted to be in the first place.  To be helpful.

Las Vegas Photography Workshop_0001

We had an all-star crew of talents on hand to create stunning florals and hair/makeup perfection!  Layers of Lovely just decided to… ‘eh, let me go ahead and whip up something with a couple insanely gorgeous Proteas.”  No big deal.  Oh, and while I’m at it… I’ll just create a quick floral collar for Miss Stella, the Corgie, too.

We had several attendees who shoot both weddings and families, so I made sure to have both sets of groups to photograph for the day!  The Nelson family showed up, and showed off… they are one amazing family, and dear friends to Fraser, our boys, and I.

Las Vegas Photography Workshop_0002 Las Vegas Photography Workshop_0003

The ladies of the hour could not have looked as gorgeous as they did without some glamming by the ever-talented Kiera and Crystal from Makeup in the 702.  I am so so so spoiled to get to work with so many creative and talented business owners!

Las Vegas Photography Workshop_0004

To the Nelson Family, the Torrellas, and everyone who came out to the workshop… I am forever indebted to you.  I learned so much through this experience, and I am hoping it is something that can happen more often!! xo.

A Talk Shop

I have a million things running through my head.  A long list of to-do’s.  My hands are shaking, and I feel like I’m plunging into early-menopause with these hot flashes.  I’m nervous.  Like, whoa, nervous.  I haven’t been this nervous in a very long time.  My jaws are creating more fluid than I know what to do with, and I’m one ‘to-do’ away from vomiting.  I can’t catch my breath, and  my chest feels like it’s going to suffocate my airway.

Why did I do this?  Why did I set up A Talk Shop?  I didn’t need to do it.  I could have stayed quietly and securely tucked away in my safe little wedding photography bubble.  I could be blogging a beautiful wedding, or an engagement session right now… because, let’s face it… I’m really bad at blogging engagement sessions.  I could be setting up my office organizational software.  Let’s be real, I could be watching The Real Housewives right now.

**Oh, sidebar:  The Real Housewives of Melbourne?  I’m not a fan.**

But instead, I’m running around with my head cut off getting ready to host a workshop for a group of wonderful photographers.  Photographers who are expecting me to teach them something, nonetheless!

I have to remind myself that this is a step outside of my comfort zone.  A step that might take me on a different path, a better path.  Not that my path is bad.  My path is very very good, and I loooooove my path.  But I know that there’s more…

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Photo Credit: Kristen Joy Photography