Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Yhaira & Jared

Once upon a time there was a girl who was really bad about blogging all of her sessions… oh wait… there’s no “once upon a time” about it… I still suck at blogging all of my sessions!  So in hopes to get caught up, and to show off how insanely gorgeous my clients are… I’m enacting a Throw Back Thursday blog series.  Original?  Probably not, but whatevs… hopefully it’ll be something that will, in the least, get a blog out once a week!

So, for today’s TBT post, I’m opening the vault from last November to show you Yhaira and Jared’s engagement session because I will also be sharing their wedding with you very very shortly, as well!!!

Yhaira and Jared and I met so so so long ago.  We shared an appy and some cocktails over what turned out to be the most awesome conversation!  We clicked instantly, and being able to spend the last year and half with them has been nothing short of amazing!!  I recently shot Yhaira & Jared’s wedding at Legends Ranch, and Jared’s sister toasted to her brother… “Jared, even though Yhaira is a little bit vertically challenged, please know that you definitely married up!” While we all knew that this was just a friendly roasting between brother and sister… I couldn’t help but to chuckle at what a great job she did poking fun at the height difference between these two lovebirds.  During this engagement session we were constantly finding rocks and other items for Yhaira to stand on, and I loooove how sweet it made their engagement images.

Yhaira & Jared are avid outdoorsies.  And avid donut eaters.  So why not mesh their two worlds to create a jeep and donuts themed engagement session??!!

LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0030 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0031 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0032LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0034LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0033 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0035

Yhaira and Jared’s donut/poison of choice… Pink Box Donuts.  I honestly didn’t believe them when they said how mind blowingly good they were.  I was like… how good could a donut be?  SweetBabyGeez… I was wrong.  Go try these donuts.  Like, now.

LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0036 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer_0037

I’ll end with this favorite image of the day… which included some acrobatic prowess by yours truly to get the angle!!  xo.



Four Seasons Las Vegas :: Hilary & Ian

Hilary & Ian.  There is so much to say, and yet not the right words.  They are each other’s counterparts.  They are best friends.  And their lives, goals, and dreams hinge upon each other’s.  They both come from amazing families, and their compassion… kindness for others is palpable.  So, needless to say, their wedding at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas was surely going to be nothing short of perfect.  It was a cloudless day in Las Vegas, with mild pre-summer temperatures accompanied by gusts of spring winds.  Commotion was brewing in both Ian and Hilary’s respective rooms.  But shortly before Hilary and Ian were scheduled to have their first look, the commotion faded.  Anticipation with a tinge of nervousness surfaced, and before we knew it, Hilary was on her way to see her future husband.

FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0001 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0002 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0003 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0004 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0005 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0006

Michael and Brooke over at Paper and Home are some of my newest favorite people.  I have recently been able to get to know them a little bit more, and I can tell you that their work is just as gorgeous as their personalities.

FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0007 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0008 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0009 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0010 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0011FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0013

Hilary had this adorable idea to make signs for her bridesmaids to hold so that they could send a photo to Ian while they were getting ready.  I couldn’t let the opportunity slide to use the signs during their first look, as well!!

FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0014 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0015

This image below is one of my all time favorite bride and groom photos.  Two people, in love, up against an almost-white wall.  Nothing else.  Perfection.


I should just be able to say the words Layers of Lovely… and you guys will immediately know how infatuated I am with everything that Catherine touches.  These florals are so classic, so regal, and simply beautiful.

FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0017 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0018 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0019 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0020 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0021 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0022

Hilary & Ian signed their Ketubah, and had their Bedeken ceremony prior to their formal wedding ceremony.  This was my first time photographing a Jewish wedding, and some of my favorite images come from this portion of the day.  Oh, and sidebar… isn’t Hilary’s mom radiant!!??

FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0023 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0024

FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0025 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0026 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0027 FourSeasonsLasVegasWeddingPhotos_0028

Costa Rica :: Reflection

I woke up this morning with the last thing that I ever wanted to have happen.  I woke up with the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.  I spent last week in Costa Rica on the trip of a lifetime!  I was there to shoot Megan and David’s insanely beautiful destination wedding, and if I get anything across in this post, it is that their wedding was divine.  I will forever remember their wedding day and all of their beautiful friends and family witnessing the first day of their marriage.  I do not have any shoulda, woulda, coulda’s in regards to the wedding itself.  It is gorgeous, and I will show it to you all very soon.

My regrets come the day after the wedding.  It was Saturday, and it was a day to relax and have a personal day in Costa Rica.  The days prior were spent photographing catamaran tours to private beaches and tropical excursions… rough gig, I know (sarcasm, and a smiley face!)  So, anyway, Saturday was a day that we could explore, relax, do whatever our hearts desired.  My plan was to relax in the morning, which I did a wonderful job of, and then go explore in the afternoon.  I headed to a small town called CoCo Beach with my new friend Rob, and my second-shooter/friend Janelle.  I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to ask the taxi driver to stop along the road as we drove because what I really wanted to do was grab some photos of real Costa Rican culture outside of our resort.  On our trip to CoCo Beach we saw a man corralling two huge white ox in the road.  It was a once in a lifetime moment to photograph, and I allowed our driver to go right on by without asking to stop to photograph this amazing sight!  I kept telling myself that there would be plenty to photograph when we got to our location, and that I was going to stop along the road on the way back to the resort.  Well, there definitely were gorgeous things to photograph in CoCo Beach, but the moment we decided to venture off away from the hustle and bustle of the small touristy town… the sky opened, the clouds ruptured, and a downpour of rain dropped on our heads.  And it didn’t stop for the rest of the day.  Alas, in true ‘pura vida’ spirit we continued exploring, stopped for pina coladas and a Costa Rican meal, and didn’t let the rain stop our adventure.  But without protection for my camera… it stayed tucked inside of my bag, safe and sound.

Do I have beautiful photographs of Costa Rica?  Yes.  Is my spirit full from a wonderful trip of a lifetime?  Yes.  But am I slightly bummed that it rained on my photo parade.  Yes.  And, that’s okay.  It just means that I’ll have to go back again… and when I do… those beautiful white oxen better be ready for me!


CostaRicanWeddingPhotographer_0001 CostaRicanWeddingPhotographer_0002 CostaRicanWeddingPhotographer_0003