DragonRidge Golf Club Wedding : Amy & Matt

Three thousand three hundred and seventy four days.  That’s how the best man, Kyle, began his toast.  Amy and Matt had been dating for three thousand three hundred and seventy four days before they got married last weekend.  They met in high school.  Amy was a sophomore, and Matt was a senior… which definitely raised the eyebrows of Amy’s parents.  It wasn’t long; however, before their eyebrows lowered and they realized how great of a guy Matt was for Amy.

So, after three thousand three hundred and seventy four days of dating, it comes as no surprise to anyone that I walked into DragonRidge Golf Club last Saturday and felt nothing but ease.  The dresses were laid out perfectly for each girl to slide into… Amy’s shoes and jewelry were ready to be photographed, and there was a calmness that continued to follow even after the bridal party arrived.  It was as though the universe had always known that this day would happen.



Amy&Matt03Amy’s “something old” was this pearl necklace which belonged to her late grandmother.  The charm on the necklace belongs to Nana, who is helping her put on the necklace in the photograph below.  I couldn’t help but wipe away tears from behind my camera as such a beautiful piece of jewelry was placed on a this bride.  This bride whose legacy is just beginning to be formed while her two grandmother’s legacies are in full bloom.

Amy&Matt04Amy and Matt chose to do a first look.  Seeing each other before the ceremony allowed for them to have a moment to themselves before the craziness of the day took over, and it allowed for plenty of time for photographs.  Huge thank you to Meg Ruth of Meg Ruth Photography for the image on the right.


Amy&Matt06The team at Your Beauty Call did an amazing job on hair and makeup.  Their work is always divine, and I love working with them so much!  The gorgeous florals were created by ByDzign.


Amy&Matt08Because Amy and Matt decided to do the first look we had plenty of time to get the bridal party and family photos done before the ceremony began.








Amy&Matt16After the ceremony, we had some time during cocktail hour to head out onto the beautiful ground of DragonRidge Golf Club for some more bride and groom photos.

Amy&Matt17Seriously, Amy.  Seriously.


Amy&Matt19Amy and Matt decided to do a generation dance in lieu of a garter and bouquet toss.  DJ Mike Fox, who was simply amazing during the reception, asked for all the married couples to enter the dance floor.  Throughout the song he asked for couples who had been married less than six hours… one year… two years… five years… ten years… fifteen years… etc… to leave the dance floor.  Until all that was left were Amy’s grandparents, Nana and PapPap.  Amy presented Nana with her bouquet, and I’m not sure that there was a dry eye in the ballroom.


Amy&Matt21Congratulations Amy & Matt!  I can not wait to see what life has in store for the two of you as individuals and as husband and wife.  You complement each other so well, and I wish you nothing but love and happiness for all your years to come.  xo.

Anniversary : 9 years

I’m not sure how to start talking about the last nine years, but I read something yesterday that hit home for me.  On Facebook, nonetheless.  I read about how a young woman will never understand how much her relationship with her husband will change once they have a family.  I can definitely relate to that story.  About six years ago we decided that we were ready for a family.  We were probably too young, but we threw a little caution to the wind and did it anyway.  You were 28.  I was 26.  We loved each other, of course, but I don’t know that either one of us were really ready… or that we really understood… what starting a family meant.  It meant that you and I would never be the same.  And we aren’t.  The things I loved about you then don’t even compare to the things that I love about you now.  Some of the things that I love so much, aren’t even things that come from you; rather, they come from our baby boys.  I sink deeper into love with you each time that I hear Hudson say… “Mom, how many numbers until Daddy gets home?”  Or Griffin says, “Daddy… car… work.”  And even more recently when Brody is in my arms and he smiles so big at you waiting… just waiting for you to reach out for his tickles… because he knows that you are always going to.

Each time that the door opens and the dinging of the alarm tells our boys to celebrate your return, my heart explodes.  They love you so much.  I love you so much.  Our lives aren’t about you and I any longer… so even though we celebrate our ninth year of marriage today… it is hard to remember just you and me walking through the door of the church on June 6, 2004… because you and me no longer exist.  We are we.  We are us.  And ‘we’ isn’t complete with you.

So happy anniversary, Fraser.  The first three years are a bit of a blur, but the last six sure have been a crazy ride.



Photo courtesy of Natalie Ann Photography