Man Crush Monday, on a Tuesday

I had every intention of getting this blog published yesterday… so it could be a true #mcm post.  And it would have even been my first Man Crush Monday, ever!  But alas, I screwed the pooch.  So, I give you my Man Crush Tuesday post.

This kid.  Does he count as a man?  Kid Crush Tuesday?  I might as well just go ahead and change the whole damn title since it’s all so messed up now.

Okay… Kid Crush Tuesday it is… soooooo if there ever was a time that you questioned how bad ass my kids are… this would be the time to start eating your own thoughts/words.  Because this 1/3 of my kids is sooooo bad ass that he’s basically thug life.  Until 7pm, which is his bedtime.

Yes, the shirt is amazing, and I have to thank my friend Akua for sending me the link… but seriously…. seriously.  He threw deuces.

It all happened on accident really… I was photographing how adorable he was looking in this rad shirt; carrying around his adorable stuffed Wilbur, on his way to a friend’s birthday party… when I asked him how old he is.  He threw up the deuce, and then a split second later said, “Ooops, Mawwwm… I’s actually free!  I’s free years old, Mawwwm!”  And then he threw up the third finger and the moment was gone.

But I have the proof… right here in this photo… that I purchase really cute shirts, and that my kid throws deuces.

And this is the moment when I hand the mic to Griffin…. and let him drop it.

Griffin out.  Deuces.



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