Day 5 of 31 :: Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Stephanie & Thomas

Gosh.  If I could do it all over again, I would hug Stephanie a million more times while she was in Las Vegas.  Stephanie and I chatted over the phone a couple of times to book her wedding, and then I saw her and Thomas for their engagement photos just a few days before their wedding since they had planned a destination wedding.  Stephanie isn’t that active on social media, so we didn’t interact much outside of emails.  When I met her, I quickly learned that she is absolutely the nicest, most loving individual… like, ever.  She has this sweet southern charm about her… and even a bit of a southern twang, even though she lives in Illinois.  I wanted to bottle her, so that I could add more of her into my life whenever I needed her.

None of this, by the way, is lost on Tom.  Tom is  a PE teacher, which automatically makes him a hero.  He is a guys guy, and was an absolute blast to chat with and be around, but what made him most endearing was the way that he interacted with Stephanie.  He holds on to her as though he knows that he is the luckiest man on the planet; which he absolutely is.  He knows it.  And everybody around him knows it.  He walks with her, beside her… and touches her softly.  She brings out the best in him, and you can see how much he loves her when he looks at her.

LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0004LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0001LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0002LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0003 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0005 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0006 LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0012LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0007 Tom is also a fantastic sport about engagement photos!  You could never guess by these photos that it was late July… in the Las Vegas desert… and Tom wasn’t even sweatin’ the fact that Stephanie wanted him in a sports coat for a few of the images.  He never complained once, even though I know it was bordering on torture.  Buckets of sweat were rolling off of me as I shot these images, so I can only imagine what he was feeling like.  Oh, and he rocked it like a freaking boss right along side his insanely gorgeous wife-to-be.  They make the desert look cool as a cucumber.
LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0008
LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0009LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0010LasVegasEngagementPhotographer _ Stephanie & Thomas_0011Hair and makeup by the ever-fabulous team over at Your Beauty Call!!

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