Las Vegas Wedding Photographer :: Kelly & Brian

They say that it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.  If they are right, then Kelly & Brian’s luck bucket is completely full which I wouldn’t find hard to believe seeing as how it wasn’t just raining cats and dogs that day… a massive amount of love was also being showered upon the bride and groom for their amazing wedding weekend.  The forecast had called for rain for weeks.  Weather apps were incessantly scoured.  When in the hell does it ever rain in the desert, anyway?  As the clock reached the morning hours on April 9th the skies were blue, and puffy white clouds contrasted against the sea above.  A glimmer of hope, yet also just a tease, as black clouds could be seen forming at the horizon.  Looming over the day.  Just as photographs began, the thunder  rolled… just like Garth Brooks said it would.  The sky darkened, and the light dissipated leaving everyone wondering just how wet they were going to get throughout the day.

It poured rain during the process of getting every one ready to head out to the church, but the mood of the bride and groom never faltered.  Nothing was going to rain on their parade.
J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian109_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian28_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian14_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian11_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian21_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian29_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian24_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian80_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian87_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian104_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian124_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian151_WEBSeriously though, the best part of having a rainy day wedding is getting to embrace all of the moody photographs… and the adorable clear umbrellas.J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian173_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian178_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian192_WEB

Kelly arrived in style in a classic Cadillac Fleetwood driven by her father who donned a gold bow tie and cummerbund for his role of getting the bride to the chapel! J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian199_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian208_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian209_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian212_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian218_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian379_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian424_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian433_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian502_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian506_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian511_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian567_WEBOne of the best things about this group of people is that they were down for anything.  It rained right up until the very last minute that photos could be held off until… and even at the time that we were heading outside I was telling everyone that we were just going to have to brave the rain.  I prepped the girls to get a jacket from a groomsmen to cover their hair as they ran out (because we accidentally left those adorable umbrellas at the church)… but right as we stepped outside for portraits, the rain stopped.  Like magic.  We were able to crank out all of the bridal portraits and cocktail hour was held partially outdoors before it started to pour again as the reception got underway.J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian573_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian542_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian583_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian632_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian584_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian587_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian660_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian627_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian635_WEB J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian668_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian674_WEB Kelly & Brian — before we went into the weekend of your wedding we didn’t hardly know each other outside of a few phone calls and text messages.  You slipped into my life with a nerve-filled engagement shoot, and two days later I was able to spend the most amazing day with you and your families.  I got to hear your families and friends say the kindest words about you both, and as easily as you slipped into my life… you slipped into my heart.  I adored every moment of your precipitation-filled wedding day, and can honestly say that rain drops weren’t the only thing falling that day as I know that I wiped many a tear from my own cheek and witnessed many others doing the same.  You are incredibly loved, and I am truly honored to call you friends.J.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian695_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian786_WEBJ.AnnePhotography_Kelly&Brian534_WEBLas Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Kelly & Brian_0049

I couldn’t end this post without giving a huge shout out to Kelly’s best friend and Grandpa whom they call Par… or The Great Par.  Par sure did give you a run for your money in regards to stealing the show, Kelly… but I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t have it any other way.  This photo right here is exactly the reason why I photograph weddings.  His love for you is all right there… right in that smile. Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Kelly & Brian_0050 xo.

The Grove Las Vegas Wedding :: Charlene & Tyler

The planning of Charlene & Tyler’s wedding began months ago.  Charlene’s sister, Maryann, is a fantastic photographer herself; however, she doesn’t shoot weddings, so she was given the task of choosing which photographer to book for her sister’s wedding.  I was beyond stoked to hear that Maryann wanted me there to document Charlene and Tyler’s wedding, and the wedding shenanigans began immediately.  No really… we had a group text and Maryann dubbed it “wedding shenanigans.”  Texts flew back and forth with inspiration images and ideas for what Charlene would consider the best day of her life.  What I quickly learned is that Charlene is a researcher.  She leaves no stone unturned, and shops relentlessly for exactly the item she wants before making a purchase.  It seems that she might have done this as well in deciding to choose a husband because Tyler seems to be the absolute perfect match for her.

March twenty-sixth proved to be a beautiful Spring day to get married.  The sun was shining high and a cool breeze casually meandered around our city.  Everybody prepped for the day at a nearby hotel before heading to The Grove where the event would be held.  The guys spent their morning imbibing from an amazing groom’s cake that Charlene had sent to Tyler’s room that actually had bottles of whiskey built into the cake, and the girls floated across the getting ready suite in sparkling gowns with hair and makeup gorgeously created. Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0001

Charlene wore this beautiful vintage ring of her grandmother’s and just about dropped my jaw when she handed it to me to be photographed!!

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0031Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0030Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0033Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0034Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0002Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0003Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0004Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0028

It was a whirlwind of a morning that lead straight into the couple’s first look which was nothing short of breathtaking!! Charlene & Tyler chose to see each other before the wedding in order to make sure that they had a moment to really enjoy each other during the day.  This was also beneficial because their wedding ceremony took place right at sunset, and there wouldn’t be enough daylight to have any photographs taken in natural light after the ceremony!Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0006Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0007Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0008Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0009Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0010Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0012Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0013Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0011Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0014Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0015Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0016Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0017Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0019Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0036Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0020Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0018Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0027Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0022Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0023Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0024

Nothing better than a fist-bump from the ring bearer at the end of the aisle to let you know that you just made the best decision of your life!

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer _ Charlene & Tyler_0025

Charlene & Tyler, I have enjoyed every minute of my time with you during the planning stages of your wedding.  You are both HYSTERICAL and so much fun to be with!!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be with you on your wedding day, and for making me feel like I was a member of your family.  I can’t wait to taste the wine you guys bottled for us, and I look forward to seeing what kind of marathon or race track you guys tackle next!!

Venue: The Grove

Hair & Makeup: Hairspray & Lipstick

Florals: Blossoms by Gayle

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid

Las Vegas Engagement Photos :: Kelly & Brian

For so long, I was desperate to shoot Kelly and Brian’s engagement photos.  There were days that I would think about my Spring weddings and want to post an engagement photo of Kelly and Brian, but beings that they are from the East Coast (… ahem… #westcoastbestcoast) Kelly has done all of her wedding planning long distance!!  These darlings weren’t able to make a trip out to Vegas sooner… so their engagement session happened today, and they are getting married on Saturday!!  I don’t know Kelly or Brian very well yet, but what I do know of them is that they are a little bit shy when you first meet them.  The giggle with one another, and when they kiss… you have to tell them it’s okay to stop because they seem very content kissing one another.  I know that Brian has this adorable smile when he looks at Kelly, and I know that they are humble enough to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, yet silly enough to laugh with one another.  I know that Brian is actually more ticklish than Kelly, and that they are both willing to break a couple of rules for a good photograph.

What I also know is that they have a heck of a lot of people who have flown into Vegas this weekend to help them celebrate their marriage, and I am beyond excited to spend my time documenting their wedding!!
SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0001SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0002 SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0003 SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0004 SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0012 SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0013SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0007 SpringsPreserveEngagementShoot_Kelly&Brian_0008

Hair & Makeup — Amelia C. & Company