Hello! I'm Jodi, and this is your fair warning. My couples often become much more than clients. They come over for cocktails, we chat incessantly about their wedding details + design, and we end up finding ways to stay in each other's lives long after the wedding is over.  If you're up for that (and for stylish, romantic, sophisticated images, too), we're likely the right fit - I'll have a vodka tonic waiting for you.

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I will blog about my experience at United, but this isn’t that blog.  That blog will need some marinating as I will have to find the words that fit.  If said words exist.  To say that it was amazing is an understatement.  To say that it was life-changing is yet to be determined.  Inspirational, yes. […]

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Last year I attended a conference in Santa Barbara, CA. Before the conference began there was a Facebook group set up with all of the attendees, but a lot of them knew each other already because we were all part of this bigger group of photographers through the company called Showit. Showit is the website […]

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