Preschool Graduation : Hudson

Six years ago, when I was pregnant with Hudson, I thought about his birth. I thought about his first words. I thought about his first steps, his smile, his little tiny hands. I thought about what it would feel like to hold him for the first time. I thought about the sleepless nights, sleepovers with his friends, our first dance at his wedding. I wondered what he would decide to become, who he would marry, and how many grandchildren I would have one day. I thought about keeping him safe. Teaching him how to ride a bike, to safely cross the street, and how to tie his shoes.

For some reason, some of the best things that have happened during our time together were never things that I imagined experiencing. The things that flew below my anticipatory radar are the things that make me love him the most. Never did I try to picture what he would look like the day that he graduated preschool. Even further… I never imagined how adorable it would be to watch him cling against the doors leading into the auditorium. Refusing to enter with his classmates. I never thought that I would have to carry him to the stage and place him in a chair and put his cap on for him because he refused to let his teacher. He didn’t sing a single song, nor walk across the stage to get his diploma.  Yet, I have never been more proud because I never knew that I would sit next to his dad and whisper with him about how cute our first son looked sitting on that stage… biting his fingernails.

Today he sat on his graduation stage with his cap placed firmly on his head. And he received his diploma from his teacher… telling him that he’s ready to grow up just a little bit more.

I never thought that his preschool graduation was going to be such an amazing moment, but today was wonderful. His dad and I watched on with huge smiles on our faces and hearts bursting with pride.

Today we saw the very first graduation cap that will sit on his head, and I’m guessing that I am just as proud of him today as I will be when I see the last graduation cap.

Now, Hudson… if you and I can just conquer our fears of your first day of kindergarten… xo.



Las Vegas Four Seasons Engagement : Hilary & Ian

It was Hilary’s senior year of high school.  She was out of school for holiday break, and she had her bags packed to hop a cruise ship to Mexico with her entire family.  A trip that her grandfather had planned for them. Unbeknownst to her, Ian’s grandfather had also planned a trip for his family.  He too was a senior in high school, although not the same high school as Hilary. He simply boarded the ship to Mexico in hopes of a fun time with his family.  Unbeknownst to him, Hilary spotted him as they boarded the ship.  She immediately thought that he was cute, but dismissed her thoughts because she thought that he was out of her league and most definitely in college already.

A few days into the trip, Hilary lounged with her cousin and some of the other teenagers that they had met on the ship.  It was then that Ian walked by… he high-fived some of the other guys that were around, and walked directly to Hilary to introduce himself.  They spent the rest of the night together on the ship.  Talking and getting to know each other.  And most importantly, discovering that the University of Arizona was one of the top three schools on Ian’s list for college.  Coincidently, the school in which Hilary had already chosen to attend the following fall.

The 10-day cruise came to and end, and Hilary and Ian had to say goodbye.  But, they kept in touch.  A phone call here and there turned into every few days… which turned into everyday.  Hilary attended Ian’s senior prom, and Ian decided to become a Wildcat.  They have been together ever since.

Upon graduation, Hilary returned to her hometown here in Las Vegas to pursue her career in public relations, and Ian headed over to San Diego for law school.  Luckily for them, San Diego is only a quick four-hour drive away from Las Vegas.  So on a weekend visit in March, which was to be the weekend they celebrated Valentine’s Day, Ian planned to take Hilary somewhere special.  Seaport Village.  The last time that they had been to Seaport Village together they were incredibly young.  And in love.  But still trying to figure things out.  Hilary had asked Ian that day… such a long time ago… “what are we, Ian?”  Unfortunately, he didn’t have an answer for her then.  Which was almost the worst mistake of his life.

So as they strolled along together in Seaport Village, so many years later, Hilary giggled… “Remember the last time we were here?”

Ian, obviously glad that she remembered and had asked that question, had the right answer this time.  He proposed.  And she said yes.

Hilary and Ian are preparing to be married early next summer at The Four Seasons here in Las Vegas.  Which is also where they decided to have their engagement photos taken.  The property at the Four Seasons is so gorgeous… so I happily obliged!!














Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding : Meggan & Tanner

It had been more than a year and a half since I met Meggan and Tanner.  During this time, emails were sent back and forth… details were poured over… websites were scoured for just the perfect touch.  Meggan soaked in every ounce of the wedding process, and she loved each minute of it.  It was during this time that her and I formed a friendship.  We both enjoyed seeing the details in things… she saw the details of her wedding, as I witnessed the details of what was sure to be a beautiful marriage.  Meggan and Tanner fit together so well.  They compliment each other’s movements and laugh at every turn.  Meggan and Tanner became more than just a wedding couple to me.  They became dear friends.

So when I walked into Meggan’s aunt’s home on that Saturday, my excitement ran deep.  The house was quiet when we walked inside, and no one was around.  I creeped into the kitchen, hoping that we had walked into the right house and found Meggan’s aunt sitting by herself in the living room.  I introduced myself, and she pointed up the stairs towards the master suite.  I knocked quietly and let myself in… and there it was… the wedding buzz.  Bridesmaids primping, hair and makeup chairs filled, and a coffee table filled with beautiful treats.  Meggan sat in her chair getting her final touches and her bridesmaids looked on with smiles on their faces…  I was immediately welcomed as part of the wedding party, and everyone was so incredibly genuine… and warm.  It was the perfect start to what was inevitably going to be a perfect day.












Meggan opted to do a first look with her Dad… which turned out amazing!


Just a few miles down the street the guys were also buzzing around in preparation for the day.  And I was able to sneak over and grab some shots of Tanner getting ready as well…


Meggan had sent over a sweet love note and a few gifts for Tanner that morning.  They met shortly after high school, so the heart shaped letter written on notebook paper was incredibly fitting.



Meggan came up with an adorable theme to weave throughout her day which tied in perfectly with the Spring weather.  Their guests were offered the chance to fly away with them through a kite filled wonderland set within the trees and gorgeous landscape of the Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim, California.


The bride and groom opted for a first look which made the day breeze by so effortlessly… and allowed for plenty of time for photos.

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Because Meggan and Tanner opted to do a first look, we had plenty of time to get the wedding party photos completed before the ceremony as well…





Meggan also had the chance to open her wedding day gift from Tanner…

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As Meggan’s dad walked her down the aisle, her and Tanner had come up with a tactic to ease the nerves and bring some laughter into their ceremony.  They had a sign made for Meggan’s dad to read as he escorted his daughter, and it was an absolute hit for the entire party…










Meggan and Tanner were both dedicated to making sure that they had plenty of bride and groom photos, so we had even more time directly following the ceremony to grab some photos of them as husband and wife..


Joyce Kim and her team of amazing vendors were on hand to make sure that the day looked beautiful and ran smoothly!










Meggan and Tanner… I have enjoyed every moment of the last year and a half.  It is so surreal to know that your wedding day has come and gone, but I look forward to getting to know you even more as your marriage continues and your family grows.  Congratulations to you both!!  I can not wait to see what is in store for you!  xo.



Venue:  Oak Canyon Nature Center

Desserts:  Cocoaberry Cake Company

Photographer: j. anne photography

Coordinator:  Joyce Kim Weddings

Servers:  Wait Staff and More

Hair and Makeup:  Pretty in Pink

DJ and MC:  DJ Mike

Rentals: Baker Party Rentals

Photo Booth:  Rancho Photo Booth